The doomsday theories are never-ending. After predicting that the world would end on September 23 and then on October 15, now the conspiracy theorists claim that the mysterious planet Nibiru will cause apocalyptic earthquakes on November 19.

After Christian numerologist David Meade, astronomers claimed that Nibiru, also called as Planet X, will trigger a devastating series of earthquakes next month that will destroy life on Earth.

This conspiracy theory started on the website The team came to the conclusion after following a number of natural calamities that has brought destruction on this planet over the past few months.

These astronomers believe that the recent earthquakes and volcano eruptions were caused by the massive gravitational strength of the Nibiru system.

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NASA/ Lynette Cook

"After a slight lull in seismic activity ripping apart the Earth's crust there was to be a big rise culminating on November 19. Global seismic activity reaches a peak in the second two weeks of November moving into December 2017," writer Terral Croft claimed.

"The predicted backside alignment quake event is scheduled for November 19, 2017, when the earth passes behind the sun relative to the Black Star [Nibiru]," he told the Express.

Croft even predicted that massive earthquake will originate in Indonesia. "This scenario can easily lead to new earthquake and volcanic activity for Italy and France."

Nibiru is a hypothetical planet in Sumerian astrology and it is believed that the planet comes close to Earth every 3,600 years. Conspiracy theories claim that Nibiru will come close to Earth's proximity and will destroy the planet this November.

A similar theory about Nibiru did the rounds when Meade claimed that the mysterious planet will come close to Earth's proximity on September 23. The numerologist later said that the destruction will begin from October 15.

However, NASA has been constantly debunking these theories and said the planet Nibiru does not exist. "Various people are 'predicting' that world will end when another planet collides with Earth. The planet in question, Niburu, doesn't exist, so there will be no collision. ... the story of Niburu has been around for years (as has the 'days of darkness' tale) and is periodically recycled into new apocalyptic fables," NASA said in a statement released on September 20.