Arbaaz Khan, Raveena Tandon
Arbaaz Khan, Raveena TandonInstagram

Arbaaz Khan and Raveena Tandon turned up in style at the success bash of Patna Shuklla. It was on the sets of the film that Arbaaz met the love of his life, Sshura Khan. While the cast of the film was posing for the shutterbugs, the Dabangg producer asked Sshura to join them as well. However, it seemed like the newlywed hesitated in joining the stars for the paps.

Arbaaz Khan, Raveena Tandon
Arbaaz Khan, Raveena TandonInstagram

Arbaaz asks Sshura to join

Sshura joined all of them upon insistence but quickly went back to avoid the paps. Raveena Tandon was seen saying something to Arbaaz right then. Many on social media were quick to try and lip read. Some felt Raveena said, "Ravina saying " I tell you don't do that, you know Where we are from..Read her lips.." Another person asked, "Did Raveena just say don't do that?"


"Lady is not confident while meeting people," wrote a user. "She was raveena's makeup artist," another commented. "she doesn't even know how to meet and greet people and married into this big khan family," a social media user opined. "Why does she keep running and jumping all the time?" another social media user asked.

Arbaaz on marriage with Sshura

Arbaaz and Sshura have been painting the town red ever since their wedding. Arbaaz has maintained that he and Sshura used to meet and go out of dates even before marriage, but they weren't caught by the paparazzi back then. The two met on the sets of Patna Shukla and started interacting towards the end of the film only to fall in love.

Arbaaz Khan, Sshura Khan
Arbaaz Khan, Sshura KhanInstagram

"People might be shocked or surprised over it, but we had been dating for over a year before we took the step... we were very sure of what we were doing . We were very lucky, we were meeting outside at coffee shops and when I used to go to pick her up or drop, no one would spot us, and she was also happy that there were no paps here, but now, even before I enter a coffee shop, the paps are there," he said in an interview.