A helicopter crash, a donor human heart, wreckage and a successful transplant; appear key words out of a fantasy script. Even for an incident straight out of a movie scene, it is unbelievable. But what makes it even more incredible, ironically is the fact that it's actually true.

On Friday, a helicopter carrying a donated human heart to be delivered to a hospital in East Los Angeles crashed on the roof of the hospital. In what appears to be a very close call, fortunately, all the three members on board, including the pilot escaped without serious injuries.

Pic @ Twitter rq_hawk

In the video that has now gone viral, the eight-seater helicopter ambulance can be seen spinning out of control just before it's about to land on the helipad.

Reportedly, none of the medical staff inside or outside the hospital premises have suffered any injuries. Passersby went running around before The Los Angeles Fire Department rescue services are called for. Just when it appears that the organ by now must be beyond rescue. The fire department resorts to hydraulic rescue tools to retrieve the heart inside the aircraft.

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The donated heart retrieved, dropped, transplanted

The fire-rescue department then hands over the heart to be transplanted to a medical worker who, in the chaos and rush, trips on the roof of the hospital and drops the organ.

A doctor dropped the organ when it was rescued from the wreckage before it was eventually transplanted successfully. In what can only be attributed to God's will, the organ is still undamaged and is taken to be transplanted.

A few of the doctors have given out statements to news agencies about how they felt, a jolt of lightning at the time the helicopter fell. It was flying from San Diego to Keck Hospital in East Los Angeles.