Tom Price
Chairman of the House Budget Committee Tom Price announces the House Budget during a press conference on Capitol Hill in Washington.Reuters

United States President-elect Donald Trump has picked Republican US Representative Tom Price as Secretary for Health and Human Services and is set to announce his appointment on Tuesday.

Price, a 62-year old orthopaedic surgeon, is a staunch critic of the Affordable Care Act, popularly known as Obamacare. Trump, during his presidential campaign, had proposed to repeal and replace Obamacare completely. However, after a brief meeting with the US President Barack Obama in the White House, Trump had appreciated certain aspects of the healthcare act and had suggested that he may just amend Obamacare.

The news of Price's imminent appointment was confirmed by Trump's transition team official and another official from the Republican party on Monday. Reports state that Price will play an important role in refurbishing and replacing the healthcare insurance law introduced by President Obama in 2010. The Trump team has proposed to overhaul Obamacare within 100 days after Trump assumes the presidency.

So who is Tim Price?

Price, a Republican from Georgia, grew up in Michigan and graduated from the University of Michigan. After his graduation, he worked as a surgeon for nearly 20 years. Price's wife, Betty Price, is a member of the Georgia House of Representatives.

Price was made the chairman of the House Budget Committee in 2015. He was also the chairman of the Republican Study Committee in 2009 and 2010. Price has often agreed with the policies and proposals of the American Medical Association and the Medical Association of Georgia.

The Republican had also introduced a legislation which would have assisted doctors in defending themselves against medical malpractice lawsuits. The legislation would have also helped medical practitioners to engage in private contracts with Medicare beneficiaries.

Being pro-life, Price had also voted against federal funding of abortion and had also played an important role in forming the GOP's health policy, in particular, the alternative and response to Obamacare facilitated by the Democratic party.

Price's stance on Obamacare

While many Republicans have blindly denounced Obamacare without presenting any alternative plan, Price introduced bills bearing a comprehensive and detailed replacement plan for the healthcare insurance law in almost every Congressional session since 2009.

"Congressional Democrats and the Obama administration blatantly ignored the voices of the American people and rammed through a hyperpartisan piece of legislation that will have a disastrous effect on our nation's health care system," Price had said soon after Obamacare was signed.

The Republican has always supported a plan of tax credits and has spoken for expanded health savings accounts.

After meeting various candidates for Trump's administration,  Vice President-elect Mike Pence on Monday had said that the officials from the Trump team would be making "a number of very important announcements" on Tuesday. There have been reports that Trump is also considering the Republican leader Mitt Romney for the position of Secretary of State in his administration; however, his advisers have warned him against it, considering Romney was against Trump's nomination for US presidency.