Donald Trump
Donald Trump had made a statement saying US should have blocked UN's move on Israeli settlements.Reuters

Just days after former Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro's death, the United States President-elect Donald Trump on Monday threatened to end the United States-Cuba deal if a better one was not formulated.

Trump, during his presidential campaign had pledged to reverse US President Barack Obama's initiative of improving ties with the America's Cold War adversary Cuba. Earlier this year, Obama had made a historic decision to visit Cuba to thaw the hostilities between the nation. The US President had also announced the decision to open an embassy in the Cuban capital Havana.

"If Cuba is unwilling to make a better deal for the Cuban people, the Cuban/American people and the US as a whole, I will terminate deal," the President-elect wrote on Twitter.

Ever since his presidential campaign, many Cubans have been concerned about the future ties between the two nations which were just beginning to improve in the past two years. In a show of improving relations between the two countries, the US had launched its first regular flights to Havana on Monday, in more than five decades. However, Trump's recent tweet about rescinding the US-Cuba deal have just added to their worries.

The Republican billionaire's tweet came as Cubans mourned and commemorate their loved leader Castro, who died on Friday. Trump, during his campaign had said that he was okay with improving relations with Cuba but was of the opinion that the US President should have made a better deal with their adversaries. According to reports, one of Trump's firms had attempted to open resorts in Cuba but had failed to do so. 

A day after Castro's demise, Trump had made a statement on Saturday saying that his administration would do all it can to improve freedom and prosperity for Cubans after Fidel Castro's death.

Ever since the days of Cold War, Cuba has strongly resisted American involvement in Cuban politics. Considering Castro's close relations with the Soviet Union, the United States had reportedly launched several assassination attempts against the former President who led the Cuban Revolution.