While the announcement of US President Donald Trump testing positive for coronavirus stirred havoc on social media, God actually responded to the announcement and said "You're welcome"  sort of implied that he has responded to people's prayers from above high. 


If you just don't know yet, God is actually on Twitter. Here we are referring to 'The Tweet of God', a parody account, which netizens turn to for witty comments and hilarious takes on current trends. With 6.1 million followers the almighty follows only one account, Justin Bieber. Amen. 

The Almighty's savage comments came after Trump tweeted that he and the First Lady Melania Trump have tested positive for coronavirus after his close aide Hope Hicks confirmed to have tested positive earlier. A month before the US Presidential elections, Trump informed that the couple have now started the quarantine and recovery process.

'The moment is right. BULLSEYE': 'Tweet of God' shares hilarious tweets

We've collected some of the hilarious tweets posted by the 'Tweet of God'. Here's what the Almighty had to say about Trump's latest announcement. 

"We try. We fail. We try again. We fail better. We miss the target, miss it a little less, miss it a little more. We get discouraged. We almost lose hope. But we find the strength to carry on. We persist. We get close. We get closer. We feel it. The moment is right. BULLSEYE."

"From my source on the inside: "So far so good. Many spiky surface receptors latched onto proteins. Attack on mucous membranes well under way. Footing difficult due to Big Mac residue. Working on diarrhea but may take a while as everyone knows that's a suicide mission."

(Disclaimer: This article is intended purely as a satire based on a parody account and is not intended to communicate any fact or opinion)