China has time and again said that India has not been acknowledging the seriousness of the Doklam standoff and is not working towards finding a solution to the issue. In a fresh salvo, the analysts of the People's Liberation Army has said that Beijing will not "compromise" when it comes to ending the standoff and that India has "misjudged" China's resolve by deploying troops in the region.

Speaking to the media, China once again said that India should not have concerns with what activities the country carries out within its territories and noted that the Chinese citizens, as well as the army, are "angry" over India's "dangerous" move.

"China so far has not used the word 'invasion'. We have only used words like 'trespass' or 'incursion' and that is the goodwill of China," the Press Trust of India quoted Senior Colonel Zhou Bo as saying.

"We hope for the best but we -- the Chinese government and the military -- do not have any room to make any compromise on the matter. So for the well-being of the two people and the amity of the two countries, India must withdraw unconditionally," he added.

Stressing on something China has been saying for the last few weeks, Senior Colonel Zhao Xiaozhou, director at the Centre on China-America Defense Relations of the Academy of Military Science, said that any kind of talks can be held only once the Indian troops withdraw from the Doklam border.

"If you want this issue to be resolved, the Indian Army must pull back or otherwise this issue can only be resolved by the use of force," Zhao noted.

China once again brought up the Kashmir issue and said India would not react positively if Beijing would enter Kashmir on behalf of Pakistan, which would be similar to India entering Doklam on behalf of Bhutan.

Nathu La
Nathu La closed after border skirmishReuters

"Pakistan is a friend of China. If China crosses the Indian border or the India-China border on behalf of Pakistan I don't know how you will react to that," Zhao said. He seemed to be echoing the thoughts of the Chinese foreign ministry, which had also brought up the Kashmir issue a day before.

Wang Wenli, deputy director general of the Boundary and Ocean Affairs of China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs had said: "We think it is not doable for the Indian side to use tri-junction as an excuse. The Indian side has also many tri-junctions. What if we use the same excuse and enter the Kalapani region between China, India and Nepal or even into the Kashmir region between India and Pakistan."

Nathu La
A Chinese soldier stands guard on the Chinese side of the Nathu La border crossing between India and China.DIPTENDU DUTTA/AFP/Getty Images

China may have said that they haven't used the term "invasion" yet, but an editorial in China's official news agency Xinhua claims that India is trying to invade Bhutan and turn it into its protectorate. It also said that India, as well as other nations, know that Doklam is a part of Tibet Autonomous Region and Chinese sovereign territory.

The Xinhua editorial also took digs at India's way of dealing with the Doklam standoff and said that India only talks about peace but doesn't work for it. Despite China saying time and again that diplomatic talks on the issue will be possible only after India withdraws troops from the border, it refuses to do so.