Naga Chaitanya and Kriti Sanon in Dohchay
Naga Chaitanya and Kriti Sanon in DohchayTwitter

Naga Chaitanya and Kriti Sanon starrer "Dohchay" (Dohchey) released in theatres on 24 April and has garnered mixed reviews from film-goers.

"Dohchay" is an action comedy thriller and Sudheer Varma, who hogged the limelight with "Swamy Ra Ra", has written the story for the film and also directed it. The film is a routine mass masala entertainer, which is about a young guy from a middle-class family who takes the wrong route to run his family after his cab driver father is unjustly arrested by the police.

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Naga Chaitanya played the hero in "Dohchay", while Kriti Sanon appears as his love interest. Rao Ramesh has played Naga's father. All the actors have delivered wonderful performance. Naga's action sequences, Kriti Sanon's glamour, some comedy scenes, MR Sunny's music and Richard Prasad's cinematography are the big attractions of the movie, say movie buffs who have already watched the film.

Many film-goers shared their opinion about the movie on their Twitter handles. We bring you some of the unique Twitter comments. Here is the live update of "Dohchay" movie review by viewers.

Sikander. DOHCHAY @sikender_nag

#Dohchay 1st half is racy and entertaining.. Chay is superb.. He's ultra cool... #Dohchay is a racy superb con entertainer... Chay whistles..posani role is superb.. Brahmi as bullet babu kummesadu.. Fans happy.. Jai Chay

Ravalika Medipally @ravalika_m

#Dohchay Well done Naga Chaithanya and Kriti for your excellent performance. Was laughing most of the time for Posani's comedy.

VamsiKaka @vamsikaka

Naga Chaitanya - Kriti Sanon pair bagundhi #Dohchay lo. Entertaining First Half #Dohchey #Dohchay is a decent con-drama with good technical values.

ManaBoxOffice.Com @ManaBoxoffice

Movie starts with a bank robbery scene. #Nagachaithanya introduced in a simple way #Nagachaithanya looking extremely handsome, and song visuals r lavish #posani introduced as villian in comic way #Dohchay Sapthagiri introduced in a comic way & ravibabu introduced as cop #Dohchay Scenes between kritisanon & nagachaithanya r too good #Dohchay Time for first fight #Dohchay 1st half is just ok #Dohchay Movie slowly getting into story much needed #Dohchay Time for 2nd fight, shot well #Dohchay Flashback scenes are on #Dohchay Bramhi makes an entry as tempting star #bulletbabu.. Hilarious scene #Dohchay Movie heading towards climax, bike chasing scenes are on.. #Dohchay Climax scenes are hilariously shot #Dohchay Sapthagiri on fire #hilarious #Dohchay .. Good climax #Dohchay

CB @cinema_babu

Decent 1st half ..Swamy Ra Ra shades ekkuva unnayi #DohChay #DohChay is an Average film.Liked directors work in 1st half though it has shades of #SwamyRaRa.2nd half is dragged for comedy sake. Commercially has chances to pay in A centres .Naga Chaitanya has nothing much to perform . Kriti Sanon

YATHI™ @ursyathi

#Dohchay 1st half done, ok as of now. Swamy Raa.Raa malli choosinattundhi anthe. #Dohchay is average; one time watchable

Sravan @sravanrox

Ok first half #Dohchay songs mathram rod

Naveen Lokam @lokamnaveen

just watched #dohchay.. awesome movie! Was laughing most of the time.. DOP was excellent! Music and background score blend with plot. same applies 2 comedy. Chay was super cool! Posani super comedy!! #dohchay

CHARAN_(RE)'TWEETS' @_charan_04

#Dochay is nothing new ... swamy ra ra part2...! It still entertained.. One time watch ..that too for comedy ! Don't expect as in trailer

CultVijayNSuriyaFan @filmyfr30309707

@TollywoodAndhra #Dohchay premiere just done. I liked it. Action and comedy scenes are the best part. Definitely a good film for Chaitanya.

AnjaN @AnjaniAries

Stylish Entry of NC in Duke bike. NC stunts jumping from Buildings to Buildings. Interval at Best Below AVG. Interval Shot Knchem OK. #SwamyRara Lo 1/4 kuda Ledu #Dochay 1st half. #Dohchey Court Scenes highlight of Movie at Climax b/w posani and sapthagiri Something to Laugh at least #Dochay Ayipoyindi Yem Ledu Sudheer Varma Disappointed totally NC looking Good Total ga Disaster. 2/5 #Dochay

Superstar's Superfan @anurag_i_am

Bgm, direction 5/5 .. Excellent work, comedy baga working #dohchay Half done.. Bagundi, interesting plot. Second half slip aipotunatundi.. Story scribbled badly. Posani, saptagiri max try chestunaru!! Climax chusesi.. Worth once anochu #dohchay. 1st half hitting chesi.. 2nd Half hit wicket aipoyadu #dohchay 2nd half brahmi biscuits kathalo marokati my opinion 2.25/5 #dohchay +ves : comedy,BGM,Camera work,bike chase -ves: scribbled story.

TeMpEr @Being_A1

First half done AVG #Dochey Bramhi entered arachakam #Dochey Last 30min adiripoyindi swamy. #Dochay final verdict : avg - abv avg. #Dochey comedy good at parts

Srikanth Reddy.A ‏@srikanth2828

Positive reports #Dohchay 1st half good 2nd half avg last 20 hilarious Overall: Super Hit reports

SR! © @_vsri

#DohChay : first half 3.5/5 Second half- 2/5 Average

Saikrishna @urslovelykittu

avrerage stuff first half lo few scencs .climax lo comedy tappa em ledu #Dohchay

Amarnadh Varma @Amar791849

Interval. So far good. twist super asalu. Two parallel stories ankunta. Techie batch from SwamiRaRa did a good job. (DOP, BGM etc) #DohChay

CB_Fan @sensexxxxx

#Dohchay 1st half parledu.. Not bad

Bloodu! @roopak999

Interval shot iragadhesadu Clever use of Nag songs, Hollywood ost. Copy kottina thittali anipinchadhu veedini. #Dochay 2nd half padukundhi flat ga. Climax antha hero lekapovadam Chala advantage. Baga plan chesadu aa sequence. Car chases baga handle chesadu. Shots matram Chala stylish ga unayi.