Welsh Corgi
[Representative Image] A Pembroke Welsh Corgi is seen in the judging area February 15, 2016 in New York during the first day of competition at the Westminster Kennel Club 140th Annual Dog Show.TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP/Getty Images

Pet-related emergency calls have increased as temperatures soar across the United Kingdom.

England, Wales and even Scotland and Northern Ireland have all recorded temperatures of 30 degree Celsius or over as UK is dealing with an unusual heat wave, the BBC recently reported. Pet owners need to be extra cautious to ensure that their pets are safe. 

It is not cool to leave your dog in the car!

A lot of people believe it is okay to leave their pet in the car when it is warm outside, especially if they keep the window open a crack or park in the shade. But it is extremely dangerous for the pets inside. Your pet can die in hot cars, the car can become as hot as an oven in just a few minutes - when it is 22 degrees, the car temperature can reach 47 degrees.

Dog left in the hot vehicle rescued

The recent case of a dog being left inside a vehicle on a hot day in the UK is the fifth such incident in just two days. The pet was allegedly trapped inside the vehicle for almost 40 minutes in the scorching temperature.

The dog trapped outside a McDonald's restaurant in Frome, Somerset, was honking the vehicle's horn for help.

According to the 17-year-old teenager Gabrielle Dart, who has shot the video on her phone, the canine was desperate to get out of the truck as the temperature soared to 81F.

She spotted the dog and raised an alarm by reaching the restaurant's manager. The manager reported it to the police. But as she returned back to the scene, the truck had gone.

Gabrielle posted the incident on Facebook. She wrote:

"Hello everyone, can someone please tell me who owns this vehicle as they left there dog in there car for around 40mins in 27 degrees heat! This is unacceptable! Do people not understand dogs are incapable of sweating. But people think this is okay because they left a crack in the window."

Next time you see a dog sitting inside a car on a hot day, just call the police first and then the animal rescue team.