Had drinking alcohol been the panacea for the deadly contagious novel coronavirus, how soon the world could get freed of the contagion's chains!

While the World Health Organisation reiterates that drinking alcohol could in no way prevent coronavirus infection, but only increase the chances of a risky, weak body; here is a top German virologist's statement that simply blows out WHO's candle!

Virologist Jurgen Rissland. Credit: Newsflash/Newsflash
Virologist Jurgen Rissland. Credit: Newsflash/Newsflash

Is whiskey the new medicine?

Dr Juergen Rissland, the head doctor at the Institute for Virology at Saarland University Hospital in Germany, the cynosure who has vehemently claimed that drinking whiskey can protect against COVID-19 infection.

Glad tidings for the boozers out there!

When asked on a TV show regarding his claims on the 'whiskey medicine', he replied "Of course that's true," and added that the higher the percentage of alcohol the better.

"For example, if you are a whiskey lover, then that certainly isn't a bad idea," he continued. "But of course you need to bear in mind that you can't do that every 15 minutes, that is something else to consider," comes the doc's advice.


The presenter was passing on questions from viewers, and one wanted to know if it was a good idea to drink alcohol to kill any viruses they might have swallowed.

The remark even made the show's host baffled just like his viewers. Jokes apart, Rissland explained, "I would like to say it can't hurt, but in the end, it is definitely not a panacea. For God's sake, you shouldn't get me wrong here. I just wanted to make the point that the virus is vulnerable to high-proof alcohol, because it has an outer layer made of fat, and high proof alcohol destroys the virus. And one would need to drink quite a lot to get any sort of protection from infection."

So science makes whiskey the apparent remedy!