Dr Pradeep Gagde
Dr Pradeep GagdePR Handout

Pradeep Gagde, one of the well-known specialist doctors, is a world record holder in 2013 for screening the most number of diabetic patients in a single day and also certified speaker at ADA (American Diabetes Association).

On the occasion of Doctor's Day, he says Diabetes is beyond blood sugar level; Diabetes is not caused only due to eating sweets as it can be due to stress, hereditary and there are many other reasons behind it.

Pradeep Gagde, who is practising from 2004, is from Mumbai and known for handling most complicated cases of Diabetes in India. 

"Lots of stress may cause it. Also, someone who keeps too much of thoughts in mind may face Diabetes. Drinking a lot of water or going on trips and staying stress-free is important to keep this condition away," he said.

Pradeep is very much active in the social media platform, where he shares his thoughts and guides people for free.