Doctor Strange
Doctor Strange movie review: Audience say its Visual Effects are stunning, story is average. Pictured: Doctor StrangeFacebook

Director Scott Derrickson's Hollywood movie Doctor Strange, featuring Benedict Cumberbatch, Chiwetel Ejiofor and Rachel McAdams in the lead roles, has received mixed reviews from the audience around the world.

Doctor Strange is a superhero film and director Scott Derrickson has written the script for the movie in collaboration with Jon Spaihts and C Robert Cargill. The film featuring the Marvel Comics character of the same name has been produced by Marvel Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures. The movie has brilliant production values, say the audience.

The story of the film is about Doctor Stephen Strange, who is a former neurosurgeon. He embarks on a journey of healing, but he is drawn into the world of the mystic arts after a tragic car accident. How he acts as an intermediary between the real and mystic world to protect the Marvel Cinematic Universe forms the crux of the story.

The audience note that Doctor Strange has nothing big to boast about its story, which is average and boring, and its characterisation is also not up to the mark. However, its visual effects are amazing and it is the best movie of Marvel Studios in terms VFX. Benedict Cumberbatch has delivered brilliant performance, which is the highlight of the movie. Other artistes have also done justice to their roles and are assets of the film.

Many film goers shared their views about the film on Twitter. We bring you some unique comments. Continue to see them in Doctor Strange movie review by audience:

Kailey ‏@Kailz_H

Saw #DoctorStrange last night and it was SO DAMN GOOD. Now having an existential crisis though because I think it made me a Cumberbatch fan?

BammyWang ‏@BammyWang

#DoctorStrange is amazing.....I watched it twice within a day and convinced four of my friends to go with me.

Ali Fareed ‏@Ali_Fareed 13m13 minutes ago

Saw @DrStrange finally last night & #BenedictCumberbatch is the icing on the cake for @Marvel's all-star Avengers ensemble #DoctorStrange

Agent Val ‏@AgentValenciaF

#DoctorStrange Dazzling VFX! Brilliant lines! Amazing performance!

Jason Ragatz ‏@RaggySays

#DoctorStrange hot take: this movie honestly deserves Visual Effects Oscar. Magnificent, groundbreaking in that regard. Story is serviceable

Mayde ‏@mayde

Really enjoyed #DoctorStrange. Finally, a blockbuster that's under 2 hours! Cumberbatch and Swinton were both amazing! #MovieReview

Jen Vidanes ‏@jenvidanes

Kudos to the visual effects team of #DoctorStrange! Kudos to The Cape for being my favorite character and to Benedict for coming close second. #DoctorStrange

Tom Matteucci ‏@tooch81900

@marvel Bringing a character/world like that of #DoctorStrange to life is not easy. The film surpassed all my expectations! It was awesome!

Dee ‏@dyanaanordin

Another awesome yet humorous movie by marvel #DoctorStrange

Tyler Myers ‏@MyersFTW

Really enjoyed #DoctorStrange last night. Story somewhat cliched but visuals were incredible, action was great, and Cumberbatch owned.

Fahad Al Jufairi ‏@FahadAlJufairi

#DoctorStrange amazing visuals, great acting but story is very generics. 8/10

Josh Lasser ‏@tvandfilmguy

twitter-sized thoughts on #DoctorStrange -- love the visuals, bored by the story, didn't like the characters.

Jordan Ross ‏@TheJordanRoss

#DoctorStrange is a GAME CHANGER for @MarvelStudios in terms of special FX & storytelling. Some of the most insane visuals I've ever seen!

Swaggy T From MLK ‏@SwaggyTea

Nahh but foreal #DoctorStrange was super good the special effects are MIND BLOWING

Christopher Ruocchio ‏@CPRuocchio

The magic in #DoctorStrange still felt science-y. The visuals were astonishing but mostly they folded buildings and summoned lines of force. For example: no one turned into frogs. #DoctorStrange

Archit Nigam ‏@TheArchitNigam

Caught up with the movie I have anticipated all year, #DoctorStrange Worth every penny. Plot is average but the VFX will blow you apart.

Max Gyrion ‏@MaxGyrion

#DoctorStrange is fantastic one of the best @MarvelStudios films looking 4ward 2 seeing it again Great job @KrisBryant_23 @ARizzo44 #Cubs #Chicagoproud

Rohith ‏@Dr_Rhodium

Doctor Strange is freaking amazing!!! It is like the character has been written keeping Benedict Cumberbatch in mind! #DoctorStrange

TomChatalbash ‏@TomChatalbash

Doctor Strange made me a very happy, giggly boy. Jaw dropping visuals, solid origin story, and truly original action sequences. Review soon!

Eric Striffler ‏@striffleric

Doctor Strange started strong, but progressively bored me. Visuals were great, and some sequences were very clever, but I'll prob forget it.

Emily Sofia ‏@EmmightySofia

#DoctorStrange was a kaleidoscopic thrill ride. I couldn't have asked for much more. An enthralling buffet for the senses. The film handled themes like suffering, fear, mortality, sacrifice, and faith with agility and clarity, in my opinion.