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Japanese mobile marketing and advertising company D2C, a subsidiary of NTT Docomo in a joint venture with Dentsu, has invested in Gushcloud. An office has also been set up in Japan for the global influencer entertainment and marketing company.

Headquartered in Singapore, Gushcloud has a strong presence in Southeast Asia with operating offices in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines and Vietnam.

The company represents over 12,000 social media influencers and online content creators, reaching out to more than 600 million fans across eight countries.

The launch of Gushcloud Japan aims to focus on the company's expansion into the North Asian market with three key aims—firstly, to engage Japanese brands and agencies to help them reach out more effectively to a larger Southeast Asian audience, secondly, to work with local influencers and content creators to help them build a larger presence in and outside of Japan and lastly, to create more opportunities for influencers and content creators across Asia to cross collaborate on various projects.

"Through Gushcloud Japan, we aim to increase the inbound and outbound advertising services to Japanese companies that plan to promote and build their businesses in Southeast Asia. With Gushcloud Japan, we also hope to build our influencers and content creators' audience size in Southeast Asia to promote the Japanese culture," said Hiroaki Sawa, Executive Officer of D2C Inc.

Japanese investments to ASEAN nations have also tripled to 20.1 trillion yen and these investments will continue to grow according to the Bank of Japan data.

"Japan has the 3rd largest advertising market in the world. The investment by D2C Inc. a key joint venture of Docomo, NTT and Dentsu will allow Gushcloud to enter the Japanese market with confidence. We are committed to this venture with D2C Inc Gushcloud to build Japan's Number 1 Influencer Marketing Company," said Ng Siang Hang, CEO of Gushcloud Agency.