Disturbing video shows man brutally abusing woman
Online community hopes that someone watching the video will identify the attacker.screenshot/youtube

The online community, which is usually known for comment wars with each other, has decided to come together in identifying a man who was seen brutally abusing a woman in a video clip.

The extremely disturbing video, which was uploaded from Brazil, shows a man beating a woman repeatedly with huge plank of wood as she curls up in the corner of the room and cries in pain. While neither of them speaks anything throughout the video, the crying of a child can be heard in the background. The surrounding gives off the vibe of an abandoned building site.

The video, which was uploaded to World Star Uncut on 17 November went viral in a matter of hours and many viewers disturbed by the violence started sharing the video in hopes that someone would identify the attacker and he can be brought to justice.

While the reason for the attack is unknown, many commenters posted hateful messages on how the woman deserved it for being promiscuous or how he should have aimed the blows better. Some even mused that the man's evident brutality makes Chris Brown and Ray Rice look like saints.

Many strongly opposed the violence and stated that regardless of what the reason may be, there is nothing that warrants such brutality. "This is unbelievable. The violence against women around the world is so disturbing, and has been going on for centuries. The man should be hung by his genitals...i don't care what the reason for this is," opined one viewer.

DemonSamaJr. said, "This video crazy as sh*t and what's even crazier is the some of the mfs in the comments justifying it cause she supposedly cheated".

It is hoped the footage, which has been seen many millions of viewers online, will help identify the attacker who battered the woman, who is also unidentified. The efforts of those who want to see the abusive man behind bars will not go futile, with people from all over the world working together.

The video, which has been reposted by NeWTV, contains highly graphic content: