Two sisters reportedly committed suicide on Sunday and Monday, and one of them killed their three-year-old daughter, in Thiruvananthapuram after a distant relative apparently cheated them, leaving them with a financial liability of Rs 1 crore.

Jasmine, 30, on Sunday, 29 November, first threw her daughter Fathima into the Akkulam lake in Thiruvananthapuram, and then jumped in with her mother Sophin to commit suicide.

Jasmine had also told her two elder children to jump in with them, but they didn't as they were scared. Sophin was rescued by locals soon after jumping in.

The next day, Jasmine's sister Sajina Sainudeen, 26, arrived in Thiruvananthapuram from Bengaluru. She reportedly rode her scooter to near Petta, where she jumped in front of a train and committed suicide.

The Kerala Police have arrested their distant relative Nazar in connection with the deaths, based on Jasmine's suicide note. The police have also taken the statement of Sophin, who has been admitted to a nearby hospital.

Jasmine is survived by her husband, who works in Qatar, and their two children, who are now with their relatives. Sajina, who worked at Trivandrum Airport, was a divorcee.