Ryan Reynolds as DeadpoolFox official

Walt Disney Co has held talks with Fox to acquire their entertainment segment, 21st Century Fox, according to reports. If the talks turn in Disney's favour, Marvel Comics under Fox – namely X-Men and Fantastic Four – could be led by Disney leading to some fireworks in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Imagine Avengers and X-Men crossovers happening! Damn, but reality hit us hard when Ryan Reynolds pointed out something scary – Deadpool will also come under Disney.

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Retweeting the CNBC report that broke the news about the acquisition, the actor expressed his concerns over the future of the Deadpool franchise. He tweeted: "If this is true, I wonder how the fudge it would affect Deadpool?"

His concern is something to look into. Although, for a few moments, Marvel fans were excited that it would all come under one universe. But when things are put into perspective, it doesn't seem like a great idea to bring Deadpool under the Disney umbrella.

With Reynolds having fought so hard to get Deadpool the R-rating, the actor would object a Disney-fied version of it. Given the popularity of Deadpool, it could urge the studio to allow some R-rated content under its banner, but it is well known that the studio is inclined heavily towards the PG-13 domain.

While we ponder on what could happen, fans have already come out with a few scenarios. Some pointed out that Reynolds is already Disney-fied when he used fudge instead of f*ck. A fan also shared a Donald Duck version of Deadpool which has also drawn Deadpool creator Robert Liefeld's attention.

Many others began imagining scenarios featuring Spider-Man, Avengers and even Stan Lee. Check out the hilarious reactions here: