Disha Patani's hot picture photoshopped to make her breast look bigger
Disha Patani's hot picture photoshopped to make her breast look bigger or smaller.Instagram

Disha Patani recently posted a hot picture on Instagram that showed her setting the Diwali mood in a rather unorthodox manner. She was seen partially wearing a lehenga and flaunting her curves in a Calvin Klein sports bra while holding a diya. While the photo created quite a stir on social media, the photoshopped image of the same picture raised many eyebrows.

Disha's picture has been photoshopped, apparently either to make it look hotter and more sensuous or to make it look little less revealing. It appears that after Disha uploaded the photo, it received backlash from many, who found it offensive as it was associated with the festival of Diwali.

She soon apparently deleted the first picture and posted a tampered version of the same, which is less revealing. However, one popular magazine faced a lot of wrath as it shared the first image that Disha had posted.

Many thought that it was the magazine that photoshopped Disha's picture to make her breast look bigger. While International Business Times, India could not verify if Disha actually deleted the first picture and replaced it with a morphed one, there are many on social media who claim the same.

While this tampering caught the attention of several people on social media, the bold photoshoot irked many, who felt it was inappropriate to shoot such a picture to connect with the festival of Diwali.

There are scores of remarks on the internet, slamming the actress, and many slut-shaming her.

Nonetheless, there are many others who supported Disha, opining that she looks gorgeous in the picture, and there is nothing offensive about it.

Meanwhile, actress Akshara Haasan's private pictures were leaked on social media a few days ago. The pictures had shown her clicking selfies wearing innerwear. The private images were circulated on the internet like wildfire which left her fans shocked. However, Akshara chose to remain silent on the controversy. It is still not clear if Akshara's phone was hacked or the pictures were leaked in some other way.