Shah Rukh Khan's charm coupled with the way he presents himself to the world has fetched him a crazy fan following. The superstar's Twitter handle has crossed the 15-million mark, and as promised, he may soon upload a 'Thank You' video.

There are no second thoughts about the fact that the superstar is one of wittiest actors in Bollywood, but he can get a little philosophical as well.

Here are some posts from him:

V can live in the smallness of the world or choose to embrace the vastness of its horizon. Choose wisely cos v were made to reflect the Sun.

Oslo transit thots.."...true nobility is being superior to ur former self...& growing a magnificent beard." Hemingway

Make urself a big fence of sanity but allow yourself sum small insanities within it. A small padded madhouse within the big madhouse..World.

Things v say,or stop saying, hopes v keep or let go of,dreams v becum cynical about or Magic!Can't b meaured.V feel em cos v don't count em

Independence from habit, from the cages of r minds, from cages of any kind.The small view, the easy path, the bitter thought, the sad heart.

The great leveller is not Time or's right under our noses....The Common Cold. Maybe that's y after very Ahchoo v say Bless you

"U realize that our mistrust of the future makes it hard 2 give up the past."-Chuck Palahniuk.I'd say take the leap

In other news, SRK is away in Iceland shooting for "Dilwale" songs with his best friends Kajol, Farah Khan and Rohit Shetty. Fans are going berserk about some of the adorably romantic behind-the-scenes clips, which have surfaced online.

Slated for an 18 December release, the film also stars Varun Dhawan and Kriti Sanon in key roles.