Shah Rukh Khan is one Bollywood superstar who is known for multiple feats, apart from being one of the most popular actors in India. And now, SRK has come up with a "bucket list" of several interesting and some rather weird to-do things.

Shah Rukh took to Twitter and penned down a list of things he wants to achieve, calling it "amaranthine bucket list". The list includes some interesting stuff such as writing a book, do a 'Noble Prize worthy' thing and also certain crazy desires of learning to make five cocktails and finding a mermaid.

Although he also mentions in the tweet that his "bucket list" keeps increasing and changing, the latest list includes 12 things that start with learning to play guitar and ends with finding a mermaid.

Check the list below:

1) Learn the guitar

2) Learn cooking

3) Find a perfect pair of jeans

4) Learn to make five cocktails

5) Tend to plants

6) Read Papillon again

7) Finish book (which means finish writing a book)

8) Sing a song for every mother to daughter in the world and make them smile

9) Learn backflip again

10) Invent/do a Noble Prize worthy thing

11) Know the difference between sensual and sensuous

12) Find a mermaid

In a separate tweet, Shah Rukh also stated that he has been working on writing a book since many days but did not mention anything about its completion date.

Shah Rukh, who will next be seen in two much awaited flicks "Dilwale" and "Raees", is a film-producer and also the owner of IPL team KKR.