Two big films coming out on the same day will always draw comparisons. But Ranveer Singh, who is being praised for his stunning act in "Bajirao Mastani", isn't too pleased with media reports comparing him with Shah Rukh Khan.

While "Dilwale" has been panned by critics, the Sanjay Leela Bhansali directorial was met with positive responses. This may have impacted both films' box office collections, but it hasn't changed the way the two stars feel for each other.

Talking to Indian Express, Ranveer said they always greet warmly, adding that SRK is a fantastic actor and that no parallels should be drawn between the two. He also said the 50-year-old actor has great range in acting and people have only seen the tip of the iceberg till now.

"There is no comparison at all between me and SRK. His contribution to Hindi cinema is unparalleled and unmatched. There has never been anyone like him," the young star said, subesquently adding that they hung out at the Stardust Awards and spoke absolute rubbish.

"I was hanging out with him yesterday at Stardust awards. We hung out for a while and he is so humble and grounded. The way he used to meet me when I was a newcomer, he meets me the same way even today. There is equal warmth and love," he said.

Ranveer also said the superstar is a fun person to be around, and people should really stop comparing the two because the senior actor has worked five times the number of years he has been around in the industry.

"We don't discuss films or performances. We talk random rubbish. I can't tell you what we spoke about, but I can say SRK is a riot to be with. I have worked for five years and he has worked for 25 years. That is five times the number of years I have worked. So there is no comparison," the leading daily quoted him as saying.