Dilruwan Perera, India vs Sri Lanka
Dilruwan Perera has been slammed on Twitter.IANS

Ever since the introduction of Decision Review System (DRS) in world cricket, it has courted controversies for a number of reasons.

It was only earlier in the year Steve Smith brought the game to disrepute after the ill-fated 'brain fade' moment in Bengaluru during a Test match. Now, a similar incident took shape, featuring Dilruwan Perera, during the India vs Sri Lanka first Test match at Eden Gardens in Kolkata on Sunday. 

What really happened?

In the 57th over of the match, Shami bowled a wonderful delivery and Perera missed the ball completely. He was adjudged leg before wicket by on-field umpire Nigel Llong.

After which, the batsman decided to walk back to the pavilion. He had only taken three to four strides and the right-hander turned back, asking for a review.  The review went in favour of Perera, who had not even gotten off the mark then.

However, it was a few minutes later that it courted a controversy as replays suggested that the player might have looked at the dressing room, from where he received hand signals to review it.  Even the commentators during the time were not pleased with what they had just witnessed in the replay.

The replay is, however, not 100 percent conclusive if the Sri Lankan was inspired from the dressing room to take the review.

In hindsight, one wonders why he would take three to four steps before taking that call when he could have done that instantly after the umpire had raised the finger. It is such things, which makes us wonder that the dressing room did have a role in it.

What is wrong with it? 

As per the rules, a player has the right to review a decision given by the umpire, but one can only consult the batting partner in the other end.

No one can even look for soft signals from the dressing room to go for a review.

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