The Kangana Ranaut – Diljit Dosanjh Twitter war has been grabbing several headlines for the last one week. From celebrities, politicos, social media influencers to the fandom of the two celebs; everyone has had something or the other to say on the matter. Amid all this, Kangana Ranaut has lashed out at a food delivery app for trying to play referee between her and Dosanjh. She also warned the app to take care of its own app before they come on the road.

Kangana Ranaut
Kangana Ranaut

Reacting to the tweet, Kangana Ranaut said, "I saw their @zomatoin twitter handle play referee between @diljitdosanjh and me, they openly bullied me also supported Kangana raped by Diljit trend, हम एक इंडस्ट्री में काम करते हैं आज लड़ेंगे कल एक हो जाएँगे, तुम अपना देखो हमारे चक्कर में सड़क पे मत आ जाना भाई @zomato (we work in one industry, today we will fight, tomorrow we might unite. By focusing on us, you don't come on the road)."

It so happened that the FairWork Foundation came out with its report of 11 platforms and their services and Zomato was adjourned the worst in the lot with only one point out of a possible ten. The study was based to ascertain the working conditions in these eleven platforms. Zomato's CEO, Deepinder Goyal, took full responsibility of the poor working conditions.

Kangana Diljit Kjo

An IANS tweet read, "After facing the flak for being the worst performing digital platform on #FairworkIndiaRatings, #Zomato CEO @deepigoyal has taken the full responsibility for such an abysmal performance, saying the co. will try its best to improve the working conditions to perform better next yr."

In fact, Kangana Ranaut and Diljit Dosanjh's Twitter war started over their difference of opinions on the farm laws. While Diljit has openly come out and supported the farmers, Kangana feels the farm laws would work in their favour.