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Zoya Akhtar's Bollywood film "Dil Dhadakne Do" starring Anil Kapoor, Shefali Shah, Priyanka Chopra, Ranveer Singh, Anushka Sharma and Farhan Akhtar has got decent reviews from the viewers.

Written by Reema Kagti and Zoya Akhtar, "Dil Dhadakne Do" is a comedy-drama film that tells the story of a dysfunctional Punjabi family on a cruise trip. The celebration of the 30th wedding anniversary of Kamal Mehra (Anil Kapoor) unravels certain twisted and uncomfortable emotional knots, which will form the crux of the story.

The audiences, who have watched "Dil Dhadakne Do" in the premiere show, are impressed with the film and they could not stop praising Zoya Akhtar for her wonderful scripting and direction and the lead actors for their sterling performances. Several film goers shared their verdict on the movie on their Twitter handles after watching it. Here is live update of "Dil Dhadakne Do" movie review by viewers:

Neelesh Kumar ‏@ImNeeleshK

#DilDhadakneDo is a very well Made film! Performances and a family oriented theme is enough to make this a MUST WATCH! Zoya on the roll!

Neha Sharma ‏@nsharma14

#DilDhadakaneDo except Anushka-Ranveer love story everything else is brilliant! Must watch! Surely everyone will relate to the family drama.

Shivani poddar ‏@poddar_shivani

Jst watchd #DilDhadakaneDo heartwarmng n amazng flm..Zoya akhtar z one f d bst filmmakers in d country..!! Ranveer n Priyanka awsm siblings

Ab-hi-ji-th 3.14159 ‏@BuzzO_Off

#DilDhadakaneDo what a super flick! If ZNMD was Epic..This is Epuke!! Personally my fav movie of the year! RANVEER, ANIL KAPOOR & NOORIE Zoya akhtar you are super! Pls keep making movies....... Can watch all your 3 flicks zillion times! @FarOutAkhtar #DilDhadakaneDo

Ayesha Mehra SLAYS ‏@piggy_chopps

LOVED #DilDhadakneDo! Zoya Akhtar has outdone herself with this film! Amazing performance by the cast! @priyankachopra, u were OUTSTANDING Omg! I laughed and I cried! @priyankachopra and @RanveerOfficial you are siblings goals tbh! What a chemistry you guys have! Nailed it! #DDD But Ayesha Mehra made me cry.. @priyankachopra. I just wanna give you BIG hug! You are an amazing actor! You blew my mind. I had goosebumps! My mind is still there.. The Mehra's have had such an impact on me I tell you.. FABULOUS #DilDhadakneDo ♥ Tbh I enjoyed #DilDhadakaneDo thoroughly! It's nothing but 170 minutes of family time with lots of laughter and cries! It's a MUST WATCH!! ♥

S⭐A⭐M ‏@sam_karthik2

#DilDhadakaneDo A sensitive family film wth emotions Outstanding performances by #Anil Kapoor, priyanka chopra FarhanAkhtar, Ranveer singh.

Amit Dadhich ‏@amit12354

#FilmyFriday #Review #DilDhadakneDo @AnilKapoor anchors this film, and is flawless in his role, Most Underrated & best actor in our country #ShefaliShah Shines in this film, her performance is too good. It was indeed a tough role. @RanveerOfficial shines in his character, his timings & expressions were bang on!! Great to see that @priyankachopra does really well in her character, so much variation and she did it with so much ease @AnushkaSharma i wanted more screen time of her, she looked gorgeous in every frame. loved farah ali Its a long film which keeps you entertained throughout, the anchor of the film is @AnilKapoor (3.5/5) @FarOutAkhtar in a special appearance brings so much into the film, a strong role well performed :) @RahulBose1 few scenes did remind us that he still has acting left, 2 good in the role, wish 2 c more #ZoyaAkhtar once again doesn't disappoints in her direction, she knows how to use the actors. Enjoyed

Sharanya Paulraj ‏@sharusays

Everyone needs to see #DilDhadakaneDo, such a realistic portrayal of modern Indians and society. I enjoyed it so much! The acting & story was so on-point, I enjoyed it immensely. So glad to see Zoya Akhtar making another lovely film! #DilDhadakaneDo Ranveer Singh should do more roles like this. He was brilliant in it! #DilDhadakaneDo

Yashika Kumar ‏@yashikaka

Just watched the premiere of #DilDhadakaneDo. It's got it's moments of fun, laughter, drama, tears and romance. Definitely go watch

Immortan Fadnavis ‏@mihirfadnavis

It's great to see such a mainstream film with such a huge star cast deliver with such ease. Hat tip to Zoya Akhtar. #DilDhadakaneDo

Mathan ‏@Mathan4u

#DilDhadakaneDo #ZNMGD was a superb movie...I could blv in zoya's work quality looks #DDD looks gud figures cross

Anamika ‏@desertdew

Am in love with @FarOutAkhtar all over again!!! #DilDhadakaneDo Best part and best lines (and expressions) by @RanveerOfficial #DilDhadakaneDo Dil dhadka diya @FarOutAkhtar ne I enjoyed #DilDhadakaneDo Some v. pertinent points made via humour. I wish it did not do the typical Bollywood number in the last 20 mins!

Sidhu ‏@sidhuwrites

#DilDhadakneDo Interval: Fairly enjoyable fare which gets greener once Anushka comes in. The cast and the music making it worthwhile. #DilDhadakneDo: Good lil trip. Joins the YJHD, ZNMD bandwagon of films with rich folk on a vacation, just isn't as fun as it could've been. #DilDhadakneDo: Follows the issues in the Mehra family and the way things get sorted. You know what's gonna happen, watch it to know how. #DilDhadakneDo: Piggy, Ranveer & Anil hog the best scenes. Would have loved more of Farhan. Reminds you of Cheaper by the Dozen at places.

Rhea Srivastava ‏@VirtualRheality

Watching #DilDhadakneDo is like watching your own family. Witty emotional mundane entertaining. Perfect in imperfections just like life. Very rare to see each member of the cast live their role to the tee. #DilDhadakneDo is one such film. What a perfect ensemble!

SUPERGULLU ‏@gulshandevaiah

#DilDhadakneDo sweet & entertaining film :) loved #AnilKapoor .Wanted to jump on the seat & whistle for him in one scene .

Chandni Bakshi ‏@ChandniBakshi

LOVED #DilDhadakneDo! So hilarious and super relatable! The bond between @RanveerOfficial and @priyankachopra as siblings is special. ❤️ Really love how #ZoyaAkhtar portrays urban Indian relationships. So many layers, all completely real. #DilDhadakaneDo

Pankaj Sabnani ‏@pankajsabnani

#DilDhadakneDo is long, convenient and preachy. Not completely unwatchable but it's Zoya Akhtar's worst film till date. 2.5/5 stars.

Sukanya Suresh ‏@sukanyaa27

@RanveerOfficial u seriously need to stop making ppl go crazy ;) 2 many reasons 2 watch #DilDhadakneDo but I guess #KabirMehra tops the list

Karan Shah ‏@karanshah2405

You have 2 watch d super awesome #DilDhadakneDo.. It is just amazing, an edge of d seat entertainer.. it will be 1 of d biggest grosser

Ranveer's Cafe ‏@RanveersCafe69

#DilDhadakaneDo is a classic example of how when a pertinent, contemporary story meets a stellar star cast & near perfect direction- The film truly belongs to Priyanka Chopra and Ranveer Singh. - Midday #DilDhadakaneDo review

Ame ‏@AR0hi

@priyankachopra What a film... Hates off to zoya and team #DilDhadakneDo it's an amazing film .... Gays you absolutely have to watch it

Nick Kabir Mehra ‏@Nick_Ksg

@DDDTheFilm Kabir Mehra's Every Glimpse/Presence In #DilDhadakneDo Is Like a treat for all the Ranveerians

MrsVarunDhawan♥ ‏@Fatinaz13

So #DilDhadakneDo awesoommee @priyankachopra @RanveerOfficial you guys were outstandinng!! #DilDhadakneDo @ShefaliShah_ you were awesome throughout! Mindblowing performance!! I enjoyed the second half way more than the first thou! Also pace was slow but got better! #DilDhadakneDo Most annoying thing was that the #DilDhadakneDo title song was played at the credits without the video... Otherwise loved the movie! Pluto was soo cuutee! Hats off to Zoya Akthar and all of #DilDhadakneDo team!

Suman Sharma @sumisharma31

Loved #Dildhadaknedo. Outstanding performance by @RanveerOfficial @AnilKapoor and Shefali Shah And I liked the way pluto narrated the story#DDD. Well directed, Well performed. @priyankachopra @zoyaakhtar

Rahul Raut ‏@RahulrazFilmy

If you liked Zoya Akhtar's #LuckByChance #ZindagiNaMilegiDobaara then #DilDhadakneDo is for you, otherwise don't waste your money. Final Verdict for #DilDhadakneDo: It is going to be another Average movie at box office. Good but not very good movie at all. #DilDhadakneDo is only for selected audience like Zoya Akhtar's earlier movies. Its only for multiplexes, not for masses.