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Pink ballBCCI

The biggest talking point in Indian cricket at the moment is the upcoming day-night Test match at the Eden Gardens in Kolkata. This will be a historic moment in Indian cricket as it will be the first occasion when a pink ball will be used. Also, it will be the first time an SG ball will be used for Test cricket and if the feedback received from the players is anything to go by, this ball will test the batsmen as there is significant movement on offer.

Kohli explains the difference

"I played against the pink ball for the first time yesterday and it swings a lot more compared to the red ball as there is extra lacquer on the ball which does not go away too soon and also the seam holds upright for a longer period of time. If the pitch has enough assistance, the fast bowlers will be in the game for a longer period of time," Kohli said on the eve of the first match at Indore.

Seam is upright and the ball is hard

All the attention, hence, is on the ball manufacturers, owing to which their inputs and feedbacks are gaining a lot of traction.

BCCI asked the seam to be proud

"The message we have received from the BCCI is that the properties which are there in the red ball, which includes the seam which is upright and which allows the fast bowlers to bowl with it even after 40 overs or 50 overs, spinners too have an advantage," Paras Anand, marketing director of SG balls has said.

Virat Kohli
Virat KohliICC

"Hence, we have tried to ensure that the seam in the pink ball will be upright, pronounced seam retained. The feedback we received from the side is that the ball should be hard," he further added.

There is tremendous interest around the upcoming match and all the players seem to be quite keen playing and practising against the new nut. Vice-captain Ajinkya Rahane too spoke how the movement was much more significant, owing to which, the batsmen have to play a lot closer to the ball.

"Definitely it is a different ball game when we play with the pink ball. Our focus during the practice session was to see the seam and swing and also looking to play close to the body. What we found about after the practice session was that the pink ball does a lot compared to the red ball and hence, one had to play slightly late and close to the body," Rahane said at Indore.