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Swab samples being collected for COVID-19 testing at a coronavirus testing centre in New Delhi on June 24, 2020.Twitter

COVID-19 patients require careful monitoring and food is a major part of making sure the patient's nutrition is taken care of. The Karnataka Government following criticism from patients at certain hospitals complaining about the diet had issued a circular on Wednesday regarding the diet plan for COVID-19 patients. 

The diet plan has been prepared on the advice of health experts and needs to be followed in all the taluks and districts in the state. The circular was issued by the Health and Family Welfare Department.

Government issues advisory

Even as a cure for Coronaviurus is yet to be discovered, nutrition has become a big part of the recovery process. That holds true for any disease. Many complaints have been received over the past few days from different districts in Karnataka about the food and the quality of the food being given to COVID-19 patients.

In this light, the Health and Family Welfare Department of Karnataka has issued a circular detailing the diet plan for COVID-19 patients. The diet plan has been issued as per suggestions from experts. According to the instructions, high-quality healthy foods needs to be given to patients in a timely manner. This must be followed in all hospitals, COVID Care Centres, etc. 

The diet is as follows:

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
7:00 AM Rava idli Pongal Set dosa Idli Bisi Bele Bath Chow chow bath Set dosa
10:00 AM Musk melon +Raggi Ganji (Raggi porridge) Papaya + Spinach soup Watermelon + Rava porridge Musk Melon + Carrot soup Papaya + Raggi porridge Watermelon + Tomato Soup Papaya +Rava Ganji
1:00 PM Roti/Chapati (2) + palya (vegetable) + dal (boiled lentils) + curd/egg
5:30 PM Yelakki banana + Marie biscuits (3)/protein biscuit (2)/ fresh dates (2) + Mango bar (Vitamin C)
7:00PM Roti/Chapati (2) + palya (vegetable) + rice + dal + curd
9:00 PM Flavoured milk

The circular adds that this must be adhered to by patients and doctors alike at the given intervals, regularly until recovery. 

The circular further adds that for every person the expenses for the food will come under an upper limit of Rs 250. The money can be procured from the Hospital ARS fund and the District Officer's Emergency Fund. The circular was issued by Jawaid Akhtar the Chief Secretary to the government of Karnataka. 

Government circular on diet for COVID-19 patients
Government of Karnataka website

The current tally of COVID-19 cases in the state stands at 18,016 with 272 deaths.