Menstrual Cramps
Menstrual CrampsReuters

Every month women face the awful menstrual cramps, they pop in painkillers which are usually not so effective. This painful experience prevails over a span of a few days and then arrives next month again. Heating pads and medicines are not the only solution to get rid of this abdominal pain, the diet they follow a week prior their dates and even while menstruating deeply affects their cycle.

1. Switching to sesame seeds, almonds and green leafy vegetables for calcium intake instead of dairy products during periods will help in reducing the abdomen pain. Dairy products contain arachidonic acids which trigger menstrual cramps.

2. Dark chocolate is likely to comfort you during those difficult times. It contains magnesium which will aid in reducing the impact of the stomach cramp. Consuming a little bit of this sugary treat will also provide you with some energy.

3. Switch to tea when menstruating, green tea and peppermint tea are well known for soothing the cramps. Apart from that, the beverage will also provide you with ample amount of antioxidants which boost immunity.

4. Green leafy veggies also combat period cramps. These super foods help in fulfilling your iron and calcium requirements which is really crucial for your body after all the blood loss you face.

5. Stay hydrated all the time. The more water you consume, the lesser abdomen pains you will face. It will help in preventing bloating and relieve you from all the aches caused during periods

6. Celery is an amazing vegetable to consume during your periods. It will keep you hydrated with the water content and prevent bloating, which will help in swaying away the pains caused by the cramps.

7. Bananas are known for curing cramps, they also alleviate bloating. Eating bananas a week before or during periods can be really helpful.

8. Not many of us know about salmon being a menstrual cramp curing food. It is anti-inflammatory, provides you with omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D in abundance and also prevents bloating.

9. Consumption of pineapple in form of juice or chunks will help in relaxing your muscles and it is known for enhancing the mood. It prevents bloating and also improves digestion.

Make sure you have all these foods whenever you get a chance, along with ample amount of water. Also, exercise as it helps in relieving the menstrual cramps. Our body releases beta-endorphins, an internal opioid which combats and curbs pains and cramps.