Zayn Malik
Zayn Malik along with other One Direction membersInstagram/ Zayn Malik

Zayn Malik has been in the news ever since he quit One Direction. The reason was quite obvious — he wanted to concentrate on his solo career. And while everyone's eagerly looking forward to his much-awaited debut, it has now come out that he had already secretly recorded a music video for his solo track, "No Type", even before he quit the popular boyband.

In a recent interview with IBTimes UK, rap duo Krept & Konan have revealed that they had collaborated with Zayn in 2014, that is even before he quit One Direction in 2015.

Krept & Konan, who have collaborated with various artistes for their debut album, said they also filmed a video for Zayn's leaked cover — "No Type".

While calling this collaboration with Malik a "muck around", the rappers said, "We've done a little cover with [Malik] and we shot a video but it just didn't end up coming out because it didn't get finished. After that we heard the news about [Malik quitting One Direction]. But it was a while before though, it was just a muck around thing. It wasn't really nothing too serious."

While saying that they were just chilling and having fun, the rappers also hinted that this footage may get leaked some day. "We were just messing around one day and made the cover. I have a feeling the video will just get leaked somehow."

Fun or no fun — going by what the rapper duo have said, it looks like Zayn Malik was already preparing for his solo career while still being a part of One Direction. Maybe One Directioners should now stop blaming Perrie Edwards for Malik's decision to quit the band.

We can't help, but think, did Zayn Malik really shoot a video behind the backs of fellow One Direction band members?