Zaira Wasim, Dangal Actress, molestation
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After Zaira Wasim said she was quitting Bollywood for the sake of her religion, a certain tape has come up that suggests the young actress took the decision under pressure from some fundamentalist clerics.

According to Times Now, a short tape has come out in which one cleric shamed Zaira and an eight or nine year old Kick-boxing champion Tajamul from Kashmir, saying that the two youngsters are a shame for Kashmiri people for allegedly going beyond the lines of Islam.

The report stated that the cleric in the video said that young Kashmiri people should not go into Bollywood or such entertainment industries. The cleric even criticised Zaira and Tajamul's family members for allowing them to do what they are doing.

The report further stated that after her debut in Dangal, Zaira's family members had to lock themselves up inside their houses as it was being considered as a social stigma. It also stated that Zaira's father tried his best to arrange free and safe accomodation for the girl in Jammu, but certain criticalities did not make it happen.

The publication stated that Zaira has almost stopped meeting people or coming out of her house due to this fundamentalist people's pressure.

Recently, Zaira posted a long message on social media stating that she has decided to disassociate herself from Bollywood as she feels it has "damaged her relationship with her religion".

Zaira, who had made an impressive debut with Dangal, followed by her superb performance in Secret Superstar, had said that she has decided to quit acting. Her announcement received diverse reaction as some opined her decision should be respected, but many others had believed that she took the decision out of pressure.

Now, this latest development suggests she was indeed pressurised to quit acting by some external forces.