Dishani Chakraborty is not Mithun Chakraborty's biological daughter
Dishani Chakraborty is not Mithun Chakraborty's biological daughterSTR/AFP/Getty Images/ Instagram

It is well known that Mithun Chakraborty has two children – son Mimoh Chakraborty and daughter Dishani Chakraborty. But did you know Dishani is not his biological child?

Yes, Dishani is not the veteran actor's own child, but he adopted her. Although a lot of Bollywood celebs of late have taken the route of adoption, Mithun's story of getting Dishani is extra special.

Dishani as an infant was spotted inside a roadside dustbin in West Bengal by some people, following which she was rescued by an NGO. But she was reportedly in a weak condition.

When the actor came across the news, he immediately decided to adopt the girl child. His wife Yogita Bali also was happy about Mithun's decision.

The couple, as soon as possible completed the paper works, brought her home and named her Dishani. Since then, Mithun and his family treat her as their own girl.

A few months ago, Mithun's son, Mimoh was in news for all the wrong reasons. He was accused of raping a Bhojpuri actress. She had accused Mimoh of raping her for four years with the promise of marrying her.

She had also stated that Mimoh had first raped her by spiking her drink when she was invited to his flat. He was arrested on those charges as well but was later released on bail.

However, the controversy had died down after he married his girlfriend Madalasa Sarma in June.