Did you know that apart from making magnificent films, Steven Spielberg could also be so interested in fart sounds? During an interaction on The Late Late Show, actor Benedict Cumberbatch shared with the host, James Corden, about the time when he and the director bonded over a game of fart, on the sets of the film War Horse. 

Steven Spielberg Benedict Cumberbatch

While talking about 'a very funny online application' that had been composed of all these different fart sounds,  from a very amusingly labelled list, the Sherlock star mimicked some of the fart noises for the host. These included the tracks of The Back Door Classic and Oh Gosh, Is That a Wet One?.

The Imitation Game actor later spoke at lengths of his joyous moments while using the app with the director. The actor further elaborated and said that he was on the set of the war film using this app and playing the game where he had to match up the audio of the fart to a specific colour. It was at that moment when Spielberg too gained interest in the game and participated in it. 

"Myself and Tom Hiddleston — who was in the film — were on the floor crying with laughter. Steven Spielberg was getting really riled ... It went on far too long," Cumberbatch told the host. 

In another podcast, quite recently Benedict Cumberbatch had spoken about his interest to work in the Sherlock series again. However, neither he nor Martin Freeman were able to find the perfect schedule to collaborate again. 

On the Marvel front, his individual film, Dr Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is expected to release in 2022.