Karan Johar with Dear Comrade team
Karan Johar with Dear Comrade teamTwitter

There is a buzz in the media is that Bollywood producer Karan Johar offered Rs 40 crore deal to Vijay Devarakonda to star in the Hindi remake of Dear Comrade, but the actor has rejected his offer.

It is known that the makers of Dear Comrade held its special screening for Karan Johar weeks before its release. The Bollywood producer was impressed with the movie and agreed to remake it in Hindi without a second thought. He also acquired its rights for a whopping amount of Rs 6 crore.

It is rumoured that Karan Johar had approached Vijay Devarakonda with the offer of playing the lead role in Hindi adaptation of Dear Comrade. He had even offered a whopping remuneration of Rs 40 crore to the Telugu actor for his big debut in Bollywood. But the actor politely turned down the offer.

But people from the Telugu film industry feel that Rs 40 crore is a huge deal for a young actor like Vijay Devarakonda. Moreover, Dear Comrade has failed to meet the expectations and is heading to incur losses to its distributors. Karan Johar, who is a smart businessman, would never commit such huge sum. It must be the work of the actor's PR team to gain some publicity with such fake news.

After Dear Comrade failed to meet its distributors' expectations, it was speculated that Karan Johar might drop his plans of remaking it in Hindi. But a source close the producer says that his team is going ahead with the project. "Dear Comrade has fared as per the estimation of Karan's company. They will surely be making the Hindi adaptation as planned," Mumbai Mirror quoted the source as saying.

Vijay Devarakonda recently made it clear that he is interested in doing Bollywood films, but he does not like to live in Mumbai, as he does not like its busy life style. In a recent interview, the actor had said, "Doing Hindi (films) is interesting but I want to do something that is Telugu and Hindi. Something that works back home and here."

Vijay Devarakonda added, "I can't see myself shifting here at an apartment as my friends are back home. I love the laid back, lazy lifestyle. I can't work with 5 guys every day photographing me. It serves the purpose, but I don't think I would like it every day and I think Mumbai is too fast for me. I like to do things on my own terms."