Orry drinks, dances, gives OG touch to fans; hosts paid event in Mumbai [Watch]
Orry drinks, dances, gives OG touch to fans; hosts paid event in Mumbai [Watch]Instagram

Social media influencer Orhan Awatramani fondly known as Orry has carved a niche for himself for the way he carries himself in media. Orry has captivated the hearts and minds of the people with his larger-than-life persona.

In a very short time, Orry created a huge fan base for himself.

He is often spotted with A-listed celebrities. And one can never forget his iconic touch. His trademark posing style of keeping one hand on the celeb's chest.

Everyone talks about Orry's source of income, the influencer revealed in one of the interviews that he gets paid somewhere between Rs 15 - 30 lakh per wedding or event.

He said, "People call me to weddings and they are happy to pay me anywhere between Rs 15 lakh- Rs 30 lakh. They want me to attend not as a guest but as a friend, maybe to the groom or someone else. My actual audience keeps me so afloat that they want me there at their events."

He further said, "For now, my focus is to spread the message of happiness. It resonates with people, keeps me going, and allows me to attend events that bring joy to others and myself. These appearances are currently my primary source of income."

Orry hosts a meet and greet event; dances and drinks with fans 

However, on Monday, April 15, 2024, Orry hosted a meet-and-greet event for his fans at a posh club in Mumbai.

Apart from Orry's minions and doppelgangers, notable attendees at the fan fest were Renee Sen, daughter of actress Sushmita Sen, and actor Kim Sharma among others.

Pink and purple-themed party!

The theme of the part of pink and purple. Orry gifted items from his merchandise to the fans.

Several videos and pictures from the party have thronged on social media.

In one of the clips, Orry is seen drinking and dancing with his fans and one cannot miss his iconic chest-hand touch.

Another video shows Orry being carried by one of his fans.

But do you know that fans had to pay and book a slot for this meet and greet? Yes, you heard that right.

Fans had to secure a spot at Orry's Party, they had to purchase a limited-edition T-shirt. And the exclusive shirts feature Orry's face and one of his viral one-liners. According to Orry, these shirts were originally intended "for close friends and colleagues."

Despite the paid entry, Orry promised an equal experience for all guests. Taking to Instagram, he had assured fans that he would personally greet every attendee, regardless of the number present.

And he kept his promise. He ensured that every member/ fan present there got to meet Orry.

A clip shows a fan joking that he paid Rs 20 lakh to get a selfie and Orry touch.

Orry even replied on his reel. He wrote, "Gave you 5L ka discount be happy.." with a hug emoji..

What did Orry wear?

Orry was dressed to impress. He looked dapper in a purple t-shirt emblazoned with the playful acronym "YOLO" - standing for "You Only Love Orry" – Orry paired his ensemble with eye-catching purple pants, statement earrings, a sleek silver chain, and a watch.

Netizens react

Social media users weren't quite pleased with Orry's meet and greet.

orry event
orry event

A user wrote, "This is exactly what is wrong with the population of our country. Exactly this... I wish this was also the amount of crowd for the meet and greet of the scientists, thinkers, real artists, scholars, renowned writers of India."

Another mentioned, "Paid fans."

orry event reactions
orry event reactionsInstagram
orry evnet reactions
orry evnet reactionsInstagram

The third mentioned, "Desh sankat mein hai.." ( India's youth).

orry event reactions
orry event reactions