A new trailer of Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi will reportedly be released on October 9. It could either be the second teaser or the first full-length trailer for the movie.

Last week, the franchise fans were teased about the new video for the upcoming science fiction film through a serious of messages on Twitter. A GIF image featuring a scene from the first teaser was uploaded on the official Star Wars Twitter page with the caption: "Almost there" on September 18.

Hours later, legendary actor Mark Hamill indirectly hinted that a new trailer for The Last Jedi will make its way online on October 9. "Watch Monday Night Football on Monday October 9th – for no reason in particular," he tweeted.

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When the message captured the attention of many social media users, the actor deleted it. So, some of the netizens reached out to him for clarification and he denied the claims. "I have no idea. Disney will announce when they are ready," Hamill wrote, adding, "That was a misunderstood Vikings vs Bears joke. Nobody gets me."

Now, a fansite called Star Wars New Net claimed that an industry insider confirmed that a new trailer for The Last Jedi will be released on October 9. "We confirmed with a long time source that #TheLastJedi trailer is indeed coming on October 9. Mark your calendars. Only 2 weeks to go!!! :)" the website stated.

Meanwhile, there are also several speculations doing the rounds that a new footage for Star Wars: Episode VIII will be released on October 16. However, Lucasfilm and the creative team behind the movie are tight-lipped about the recent buzz.