While Shah Rukh Khan's fans were delighted to see a birthday greeting for the superstar on Burj Khalifa in Dubai, there were some rumours claiming that it was a paid act by the actor. It was even being said that SRK owed Rs 2 crore to Emaar Properties for the same. However, the rumour turned out to be false.

Truth behind rumour of Shah Rukh Khan paying for getting birthday greeting on Burj Khalifa.
Truth behind rumour of Shah Rukh Khan paying for getting birthday greeting on Burj Khalifa.Instagram

A video had gone viral on Shah Rukh's birthday that showed a beautiful birthday greeting on the massive building for the superstar. SRK himself had shared the video, thanking Dubai for the gesture. "Happy birthday to the king of Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan", was displayed on the building.

But on the other side, a screenshot of a popular TV channel headline was being shared on social media that suggested that not only the act was in exchange for money, Shah Rukh even stopped answering calls of the Burj Khalifa authorities when it was the time for him to pay.

True or False?

The screenshot of the Hindi headline stated, "In two crore he got his name written on the Burj Khalifa but when it came to paying, Shah Rukh Khan did not receive any calls". Boom Fact Check conducted a fact-check on this and revealed that the screenshot was a morphed one.

Morphed headline
Morphed headline.Twitter

The text of the headline was changed to defame the actor. "Khalifa was being painted in Shah Rukh Khan's shade, a huge crowd witnessed the event... watch viral video" stated the original article. The publication also cross-checked with Emaar Group, who confirmed that it was not a paid act.

Original headline
Original headline.


"The display of birthday greeting on Burj Khalifa for Shah Rukh Khan was not a paid event," Chandni Jayakumar Chugh, Emaar told BOOM. Apparently, there were some discrepancies as well between fonts of the original article and the morphed screenshot.