Shah Rukh Khan
Shah Rukh KhanShah Rukh Khan/Twitter

Shah Rukh Khan's affair with cigarettes is as old as the universe, and his promise of walking away from the deadly habit of smoking too has been broken many a times. But, looks like things have changed.

The superstar, who is busy shooting for Maneesh Sharma's "Fan", took some time out of his busy schedule to post a very meaningful picture which can very well be passed off as a 'anti-smoking' campaign.

Since he has a massive fan-following across the globe, his ill habit has often been met with criticism. But the kind of message he intends to pass on with his tweet, it is clear that SRK doesn't want his fans to emulate him in every way.

Also, does this mean the actor has finally broken ties with smoking? Only time will tell.

His stubborn habit has not only irked family members, but also friends and colleagues who have urged him to quit smoking a lot many times.

"Daughter just reprimanded can u be the HT survey youth role model if u smoke. So to all the youths out there...please don't smoke!!" he once posted on Twitter after his daughter, Suhana, snubbed him for being a smoker.

However, SRK was pretty much miles away from cigs in his school and college days. In an interview with Bollywood Hungama, he said how he never felt the need to light one because he was indulged in sports adding that he began smoking when he was 26.

"I will tell you how it all began. When I was very young, I used to drink coffee as I needed that with my studies. It worked for me as I scored well too. Then I got into that habit and I can't get rid of it. As for sleep, I am used to just four or at maximum five hours a day," he said.

SRK will be next seen in "Fan" and "Raees".