Aamir Khan, Shah Rukh Khan
AIB Roast Controversy: Shah Rukh Khan says 'don't like it, don't watch it'; Did 'HNY' star take a dig at Aamir?Reuters

Much has been said and written about the AIB Roast, and the recent star to have joined bandwagon is Shah Rukh Khan.

The superstar, who is known to speak his mind, took a clear stand on the issue at hand. Having been a believer of humour, the actor says it always "invokes radical reactions" adding that there's always that thin line one should be aware of when dealing with humour.

"When you are a popular actor like I am, people listen to you... So, you need to relook at it and I am only speaking about myself here. There will always be issues and questions. I can't take any side," PTI quoted him as saying.

Taking a neutral stand, the "Happy New Year" star also said how taking sides would be impossible for him adding that freedom of choice and expression are vital in today's time.

"There is always freedom of expression and there is a choice you have to make. I always say that if you don't like something don't watch it. Nobody is shoving it down your throat but if you don't like something and you have watched it then live with it. There are a lot of movies that I have watched and don't like but I don't have the right to go and blame the person who made them," he said.

Although, he never took any names, but this reaction comes after his contemporary Aamir Khan made quite a controversial statement on the show. So, does this mean SRK was taking a dig at the "PK" actor? Since, he hasn't taken any names, it leaves only room for speculations. However, the actor maintained that he was speaking for himself the entire time.

Aamir's risqué statement on the AIB video came under the scanner and was met with heavy criticism. Calling it "violent" and "abusive", the thinking superstar of the nation said how he called up Karan Johar to say he disapproved of his appearance in the event.

In other news, Arjun Kapoor and Ranveer Singh were subjected to crude jokes by eight panellists and Karan amid 4,000 odd people. Post a string fo FIRs and complaints, All India Bakchod had to pull down the video from their YouTube channel.