RS20 coins

Amid discussion about the economy of the country, pictures of new Rs 20 coin were shared online revealing its new design. So far,  this will be the highest denomination coin in the country. 

According to reports, the new Rs 20 coin was introduced last year in the month of March, Govt had informed that it will come under circulation by May 2020. Due to the pandemic followed by several lockdowns the circulation was said to be delayed.  The new Rs 20 coins will soon be introduced and circulated across the nation. 

The new Rs 20 coin features Ashoka Pillar along with "Satyamev Jayate" inscribed in the reverse section in the centre.

'Does it come with a Nano GPS tracker?: Netizens ask what's new about the coin

Apart from all of these features, the netizens want to know what is the USP of the new coin, a GPS chip or corona vaccine? While one asked, 'Does it come with a Nano GPS tracker?' another said, "The new edges are for the blind to identify the denomination of the coin."

There were also a few with whom the idea of the new coin did not go down well, "Please don't. My wallet becomes too heavy with these high denomination coins. I'm happy with the 1,2,5."

Another said, "The last time you showed us new currency, we were hit with demonetisation. What's in store this time?"

No official updates about the circulation have been issued so far. Further details are awaited.