Michelle Obama
Former U.S. first lady Michelle Obama discusses her forthcoming memoir titled, 'Becoming', during the 2018 American Library Association Annual Conference on June 22, 2018 in New Orleans, Louisiana.Getty Images

While speaking to students advice at a Beat the Odds summit, Former First Lady, Michelle Obama may have accidentally insulted the Queen.

Reportedly, Michelle Obama spoke to 100 university-bound students as part of an annual tradition that began in the White House as part of her Reach Higher initiative. Michelle told the students not to be intimidated by classmates as she drew from her own experiences.

She went on to explain "they're not smarter than you" as she referenced meeting world leaders.

According to ABC News, Mrs. Obama said: "You always think that somebody else knows more than you do. I've been at probably every powerful table there is to be at.....I have been on boards with some of the top CEOs....I've had dinner with the frickin' Queen! I've been to the summit of world leaders....They're not smarter than you. I've met these people."

Michelle Obama
Former United States first lady Michelle Obama is making one of her first public speeches at the Orlando Conference since leaving the White House.Gerardo Mora/Getty Images

The statement doesn't sound like a snub, though it could be construed as such. Michelle Obama may have merely mentioned that she met the Queen to emphasise her point to not be intimidated. But the fact that she followed it up with the statement, "they're not smarter than you" may have been the dicey part. However, it doesn't seem like Mrs. Obama meant anything insulting by the statement, it sounded more like a motivational push to the young students.

She reportedly went on to caution the students about their mental health as she explained it's the key to success. She said: "In order to have good mental health, it's not just counselling. It's trying to live a balanced life. Her speech comes after Michelle was voted the most admired person in 2019 while the Queen placed fifth. Michelle Obama is an influential world figure and so is the Queen. And we have to say that it doesn't look like either party has anything bad to say about the other.