Karan Johar
Karan Johar's cryptic tweetRitam Banerjee/Getty Images for Paramount Pictures

Karan Johar's cryptic tweets are back. While the director is currently in London with Kareena Kapoor Khan, his late night post on Twitter looks like a dig at Indian media.

He wrote: "Dear Sensitivity....are you soon becoming extinct? You were best friends with instinct...why did you fall apart? And why have you lost yourself to technology and social media ....get back to your old self please! Love....Humanity.[sic]"

We believe this hints at how people and media are reacting to sensitive issues like Sridevi's death and Irrfan Khan's 'rare disease'.

While a few people took the tweet in a positive sense, a few also trolled him. One user said: "Ha ha the host of #koffeewithkaran is talking about being sensitive, surely there's irony in his tweet?"

Well, whatever the case be, Karan Johar does have a point. It all started with the insensitive coverage of Sridevi's death by TV channels and the recent case being contemplating Irrfan Khan's 'rare disease' and spreading malicious rumors of a brain tumor.

Karan Johar was a big fan of Sridevi. Mumbai Mirror quoted a source from the reality show 'India's Next Superstars' who said: "He had a video cassette named 'Best of Sridevi', which featured all the late actress's hit songs. Karan would watch it repeatedly because he was a big fan. He also shared that Shekhar Kapoor (who directed Mr India) had accepted a challenge from Feroz Khan (who'd made Jaanbaaz), that nobody can make Sridevi look as sexy as he did in a chiffon saree. The Mr India song "Kaate Nahi Katate" with her in a blue chiffon sari was shot as a direct consequence of that challenge."

Talking about Irrfan Khan, a close friend of the actor was quoted by a leading who said: "It's unlikely that he will return to shooting actively for quite a while now... I can't put a number on his absence of leave. But the treatment is going to be a long process."

On the professional front, Karan Johar is planning to take a year-long break from his work to attend Yash and Roohi, according to Mid-Day. Karan has even postponed his chat show 'Koffee with Karan' to January 2019.