An Iranian cleric said Britain should be ''scared" of future repercussions for the capture of a supertanker by Britain's Royal Navy in Gibraltar, state agency Fars reported on Saturday, July 6.

"I am openly saying that Britain should be scared of Iran's retaliatory measures over the illegal seizure of the Iranian oil tanker," said Mohammad Ali Mousavi Jazayeri, a member of Assembly of Experts. The Assembly is a powerful governmental body who designate and dismiss the Supreme Leader of Iran.

Citing Iran's earlier attack on American drones as the country's resolve of staying silent against "bullying," he said, "The appropriate response to this illegal capture (of the tanker) will be given by Iran as well."

The response came days after the Royal Navy captured an Iranian supertanker 'Grace 1' in Gibraltar. It is believed that the seizure was carried out as Gibraltar had deliberate grounds to believe that the tanker was carrying crude oil to the Baniyas refinery in Syria violating EU norms.

Tensions between the two countries elevated after Iran called the move 'illegal', warning a seizure of a British tanker as retaliation. "If Britain does not release the Iranian oil tanker, the relevant authorities will be duty-bound to take reciprocal action and seize a British oil tanker," said Iran's Expediency Council secretary Mohsen Rezai on Friday.

Last month, Trump had revoked the plans of strikes on Iran after the Iranian Revolutionary Guards destroyed a US drone. The US has also accused Iran to have committed the Gulf of Oman tanker attacks.

Iran has denied the allegations and stated that the country is responsible for the regional security in the Strait of Hormuz region.