Choi Siwon's very popular MBC drama, "She was Pretty" has gathered a huge fan following. The romantic comedy, which features two past acquaintances who meet after a long time, has all the trappings of a typical comedy: mistaken identities, a love triangle and a huge problem that two parties have to overcome. The season finale of "She was Pretty" is due to air soon, and perhaps in a move to keep fans guessing about the show's end, Choi Siwon made a cryptic reference to the show.

In his latest Instagram post, the actor uploaded a video and captioned it: "Where is this? Who am I? She was pretty." In the video, the Super Junior member is dressed in a beige polo neck and an orange beanie. The 30-second clip captures palm trees in the background and an airplane that has just taken off. His only message in the video clip remains a simple "Hi."

Korean media outlet Soompi ventured to guess that Siwon's new post is perhaps a spoiler for "She was Pretty." Nevertheless, fans seemed quite excited to see the actor's post and many wondered what the post actually meant.

Siwon plays the role of a haughty photo editor in the kdrama, who does not recognise his first love and is often rude to her.

"She was Pretty" season finale airs on Wednesday, November 11 at 10pm K.S.T.