Actress Hema on Bigg Boss Telugu 3
Actress Hema on Bigg Boss Telugu 3Twitter/StarMaa

Actress Hema, who was eliminated from Bigg Boss Telugu 3 in its first week, has expressed disappointment saying that the makers have edited the show in a way that projected her in a negative light.

With 14 other celebs, Hema had entered the house of Bigg Boss Telugu 3 on July 21. She was one of the most popular faces inside the house and she had hoped to make it really big on the show. But her elimination from the show came as a shock. She was nominated for elimination along with Himaja, Punarnavi, Rahul, Jaffar, Vitika on the very next day of its launch. On Sunday, host Nagarjuna was seen bidding her goodbye.

Soon after her elimination, Hema watched all the episodes of Bigg Boss Telugu 3 and she was shocked and disappointed with the way she was shown. "I've seen all the episodes soon after I came home. Besides my eviction, what pricked me is the way I was projected in the show," Hema told in an interview to the Times of India.

Hema was seen engaging in an ugly spat with folk singer Rahul inside the house on July 24. Rahul said that she was not allowing him to talk. She felt insulted by his comments, which led to a huge argument between the two. Talking about it, she said, "It was a small issue that we sorted out later. I didn't know it will be edited in a way that projects me in a negative light. It was clearly blown out of proportion."

Hema added, "Kitchen and cooking was my responsibility and I couldn't appreciate any unwanted interference in something I was confident about. I was open to complaints if any. For the first three days, they loved whatever I cooked and had no idea how I managed to stuff in the kitchen."

Actress Hema with host Nagarjuna on Bigg Boss Telugu 3
Actress Hema with host Nagarjuna on Bigg Boss Telugu 3Twitter/StarMaa

Hema said that there were some contestants, who used to keep her busy throughout the day. She was upset with the way host Nagarjuna questioned her about the issue. "I was in fact disappointed with the way Nagarjuna questioned me about it. He is aware of my cooking talent especially for a large crowd too," the actress told TOI.

Hema also expressed her anger against contestant Sreemukhi, by exposing her double face. "I know there will be backtalk in the house but I didn't expect Sreemukhi to twist our conversations in front of the housemates," the actress said.