Director Sriwass' Telugu movie "Dictator", starring Nandamuri Balakrishna, Anjali and Sonal Chauhan, has received mixed reviews from audience across the world.

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Balakrishna's 99th movie, "Dictator" is a romantic action thriller with a good dose of comedy. Sreedhar Seepana and M Ratnam have written the story and dialogues, respectively, for the film, while Kona Venkat and Gopimohan have penned its screenplay. Sriwass has also produced the flick, jointly with Eros International, under the banner Vedhaaswa Creations.

The story of "Dictator" revolves around the mysterious murder of a narcotics bureau officer, who busted a rave party conducted by a minister's son. How does Chandrashekhar Dharma, who works at a mart in Hyderabad, get into this mess? Who is dictator? What is his connection with the murder mystery? The answers to these questions form the crux of the story.

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Moviegoers say "Dictator" has a tried-and-tested story, and nothing fresh to offer. It is the screenplay that engages the audiences with its commercial ingredients. The movie will be grand treat for fans of Balayya, but it may not impress others.

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The audience says Nandamuri Balakrishna's has done justice to the dual role of Chandrashekhar and Vikram Dharma. His performance is the highlight of "Dictator". Others like Anjali, Sonal Chauhan, Vikramjeet Virk, Nassar, Suman, Kabir Duhan Singh, Sayaji Shinde, Prudhvi, Ajay, Raghu Babu, Posani Krishna Murali and Vennela Kishore have also delivered good performances.

"Dictator" has good production elements and the background score and a couple of songs composed by S Thaman are the main attractions on the technical front. Some punchy dialogues, action and comedy sequences and Shyam K Naidu's cinematography are other highlights of the film. The predictable plot is the main drawback of the movie.

Several viewers shared their verdict on the film on Twitter. We bring you some unique comments on the film. Here is the live update of the "Dictator" movie review by the Telugu audience:

Nitin Chakravarthy ‏@Nitinreddy1111

#Dictator is a decent commercial entertainer that will do very well in B & C centres more than in urban areas.. Hit Flick @DirectorSriwass Balayya energy is justee age lo kuda aa graceD biggest success of @DirectorSriwass is d way he presented Balayya in d most stylish manner Balayya never looked this handsome & stylish in recent past..Special credits to his stylist.. #Dictator Balayya's powerful performance, Flashback episode,confrontation scenes & BGM are the main assets..Feast for masses #Dictator But d editing is really bad..There are many unnecessary scenes in d 1st half which could have been edited out.. @DirectorSriwass #Dictator

Satyajith Ankareddy ‏@satyajithpinku 25m

#‎dictator was not as bad as expected, Ballaya energy, Dialouges, dance, fights ki 10/10. Routine story, pale screenplay and same old Dialouges killed it! Dir Sriwas did a very decent job, Strictly for Ballaya fans! Others wait for DVD or for TV screening 2.5/5

IRFAN ‏@Iam__Irfan

Good 1st half wholesome entertainer liked it #Dictator @RaviAKP #Dictator 1st half: Positives- Entertaining Screenplay,skin show,Balayya dialogues,simple narration. Negatives: #Balayya is a gud dancer but he shld stop trying diff steps because he luks very ugly trying those steps he shld do simple steps Negatives- #Balayya's body is not in shape he looks ugly with potta. Overall #Dictator 1st half is a wholesome entertainer with unconvincing #Balayya .Liked it. Rating 3.25/5

Mahesh Vadlamudi ‏@vadlamudi5959

#Dictator 1st half Songs,fights and dialogues adiripoyayi. Crowd is going crazy #Dictator elevation scenes aripinchadu @DirectorSriwass #Dictator-Mass ki feast. B and C centers revenue kummestadu Sankranthi ki.Dialogues,Songs,Fights, Balayya elevation scenes are Plus Thoroughly enjoyed #Dictator benefit show. #JaiBalayya

Buddhi Yagna Murthy ‏@yagnamurthy

#Dictator - Meant for B and C centers not for A centers as usual as Balakrishna films. #Dictator - Balakrishna excelled in Vikram Dharma role and done justice as Chandrasekhar. #Dictator - If the director Srivas should concentrate on narration in 2nd half, movie should be better one. Overall he done his job. #Dictator - @yoursanjali impressed with her looks and performance as sales girl, while @sonalchauhan7 disappointed as upcoming actress. #Dictator - Unnecessary so powerful dialogues, irritating songs, too many characters given negative impact on the film.

Venkat Kondeti ‏@venkatpazzo

Paisa vasool entertainer.!! #Dictator Feast for fans.. Time pass entertainer #Dictator

HARI KIRAN ‏@harikiranroyal 1h1 hour ago

#Dictator - Entertaining 1st half.Interval Bang is good.Balayya back to his strengths. Fans ki Poonakaale. The confrontation scene of Balayya with Rati Agnihotri is Aweesome.Rough Aadinchadu Balayya. #Dictator #Dictator - Paisa Vasool Commercial Potboiler.

Ravi Prasad ‏@ravikamaku

#Dictator First half good even though it's an old Story.. Second half Except 2 Scenes rest bad.. A Missed Opportunity

iQlik Movies ‏@iqlikmovies

#Dictator steps in Style with a Powerful preinterval. 1st half Balayya's show all the way! Feast for Fans. More in the 2nd half. #Dictator - an Out & Out Balayya mark Film. A decent offering for Fans! Review soon. Moving on 2 #ExpresssRaja

Puri sukumar ‏@saishashank4u

Surprisingly decent first half rende rendu fights worked out #Dictator subtle balayya babu Abrupt climax second half debba . Average one time watch balayya kummadu #Dictator

KarmaYogi_Kalam ‏@SasibabuT

First song - good dances at this age . Hats off for effort #Dictator High Voltage first fight . Fans okkadu seats lo leru . #Dictator 1st half Good .. 2nd half flat #Dictator .. Overall average

Yaswanth krishna ‏@yaswanth_gutta

#Dictator it is not regular balayya filim..may be few may fee a bit lengthy but perfect mass entertainer for this sankranti

Sandeep.y ‏@deepsany

#Dictator #NBK99 interval bang**xxMass scene raised the film next level..Balakrishna 'Mansion House' kick all the way.. #Dictator hero's screen presence WoW..2nd Half Balayya elevation with rocking seems big-hit #NBK99..high voltage actionentertainer #Dictator show finished..if U like mass/dialogues/dances/fights/hero elevation/ goosebumps..#NBK99 is for U..Art/class film lovers skip It.