Actor-Director Dhyan Sreenivasan, son of veteran actor Sreenivasan opined that Sreenivasan's comment on Mohanlal surpassed all the limits.

While talking to a YouTube channel named Milestone Makers, Dhyan said that his father's comment on Mohanlal made him hurt.

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Dhyan SreenivasanDhyan Sreenivasan/Facebook

Dhyan made this comment after his father Sreenivasan claimed that Mohanlal is a "hypocrite." He said there was no need for making such a statement, whether it is true or false.

In an interview with Indian Express, Sreenivasan had already unfolded the issues between him and Mohanlal.

"There were plenty of issues. I have openly called out his hypocrisies and want to write about all of it before I die," Sreenivasan said.

Commenting on the remarks made by Sreenivasan, Dhyan said: "I was troubled when I read the news that my father had called Lal sir a hypocrite. My day was ruined. I was thinking why he had to say that. Both are people we love. When one of them says things like that, we are the ones who feel bad."

He added "Everyone in the world is a hypocrite, all politicians are hypocrites. There are no human beings who are not like that. It may have been about something that Lal sir said to my father in a very personal way, years ago. What was the need to mention that now?"

"It was a conversation between two of the greatest people in the Malayalam film industry. We are nobody to comment on it. I was travelling on the day of this interview. That's when I saw this news. There is a thing called negative media influence. Once you get something toxic, you can make it big and controversial. It gets bigger when we say it," Dhyan said.

Dhyan criticised his father's comment that healthy things can be said about others but this particular statement was beyond limits. He also added that if someone asked me such a query, he would have told that he is the biggest fan of Mohanlal.

Dhyan said: "They are good friends, who, I have learned, are trying to intervene and solve this problem. I want them to do a movie together. That's why I'm saying this today".

Dhyan also added that Mohanlal ignored the comments made by Sreenivasan due the rapport that prevail between both. 

"The biggest thing is that Lal sir has gracefully ignored this. Because actor Mohanlal knows actor Srinivasan," he said.

Recently a photograph of Mohanlal kissing Sreenivasan on the forehead was shared by Dhyan on social media platforms, and it captured the hearts of the audience.

Sreenivasan is back to films after his recovery from a long hospitalisation. It is assumed that he will be seen alongside his elder son Vineeth Sreenivasan and Shine Tom Chacko in his next, Kurukkan. A film with both Mohanlal and Sreenivasan is also rumoured to come out next year.