Filmmakers and distributors hike the ticket price of their big budget films that features big stars cast to cash in more money from box office.

An increase in ticket price of the films during festive season has become a new trend in India with prices going up for more than ₹1000 at some places for films under big banner. Higher ticket rates serves as one of the major reasons for higher box office earnings in India.

When "Krrish 3" was released during Diwali last month, ticket prices were increased by more than 50 percent in some circuits. Even in case of "Chennai Express" the ticket prices were high.

Now, the most anticipated film of the year "Dhoom 3" will hit screens during Christmas holidays and reports has been doing the round that again moviegoers have to shell out more from their pocket to watch the film.

"Sources within the industry claim that the tickets can be expected to be priced as high as Rs. 500 at regular multiplexes," Bollywood Hungama reported.

 "Dhoom 3" starring Aamir Khan, Katrina Kaif, Abhishek Bachchan, Uday Chopra and Jackie Shroff is the first Hindi film that will be released in the IMAX format in India. The ticket rates for the IMAX format are expected to be costlier than the normal screens.

"As of now there has been no decision taken in terms of hiking the ticket prices for Dhoom 3, however there are chances that the rates may be hiked for the release that coincides with the holiday season of Christmas," a source from a leading multiplex chain told Bollywood Hungama.

However, Yash Raj Films, the main producer of the action thriller, has not confirmed the report.

The ticket rates of the blockbuster film "Krrish 3" starring Hrithik Roshan where in the range of ₹120 to ₹1200 which helped in the revenue of the film from box offices in India.

Now, it remains to be seen how much the filmmakers and distributors of "Dhoom 3" will hike the ticket price.