Dhilluku Dhuddu 2 movie review
Dhilluku Dhuddu 2.PR Handout

Santhanam has teamed up with Rambhala for Dhilluku Dhuddu 2. The movie has Shritha Sivadas playing the female lead with Mottai Rajendran, Urvashi, Bipin and others in the cast. Shabir has composed the music, Deepak Kumar Pathy has handled the cinematography, while Madhavan Madhu has edited the flick.

It is a sequel to hit movie Dhilluku Dhuddu. Viji (Santhanam) is an autorickshaw driver. He along with his uncle played by Rajendran irritate their neighbours in the late nights after their booze sessions. Karthik (TM Karthik), one of their neighbours, prepares a plan to teach the duo a lesson and makes the hero fall in love with Maya, (Shritha), a girl who has a mysterious family background.

To win her heart, Viji goes to her home in Kerala where the drama unfolds.

The netizens have given thumbs-up for Dhilluku Dhuddu 2. Although it is a predictable story, Santhanam and Rajendran's comedy portions make the audience forget the flaws and enjoy the movie to the fullest.

People are sharing their views that they have been missing such movies of Santhanam and he should do it regularly. Check out some of the comments posted by those who have watched the movie:

Rajasekar: #DhillukuDhuddu2 proves how much we missed @iamsanthanam in Tamil cinema. He should seriously consider playing the lead comedian in at least big commercial films!
#DhillukuDhuddu2 - @iamsanthanam back to form, he is the biggest strength of the film. Fans of the first part will enjoy this one for sure
@iamsanthanam in full form #DhillukuDhuddu2 is superb fun so far. Better than the first part, waiting for the second half now!

Prashanth Rangaswamy: #DhillukuDhuddu2 - 70/ 100 , The @iamsanthanam we all loved is back with his mass counter dialogues and comedy. Rajendran - Santhanam combo makes you laugh every minute. No logic - Just laughter and pakka entertainment !!
#DhillukuDhuddu2 - There is a Door sequence in second half. If u watch the movie , and if u can - Try controlling the laughter . Yabbaa ! Sirichu mudiyala !!
#DhillukuDhuddu2 - Had tears laughing watching second half. @iamsanthanam has a winner in hand!! Will attract youngsters big time !! The movie deserves more promotions and visibility !!
#DhillukuDhuddu2 Interval - No opening song, boring fights or needless punches. @iamsanthanam has fixed the flaws that he made in his past movies. Huge relief for audience. Full and full comedy and counter dialogues so far.
#DhillukuDhuddu2 interval - @iamsanthanam and Naan Kadavul Rajendran , Never thought this combo will work this well . Jolly panni irukaanga rendu perum, you will be laughing every 2 minutes !! The santa we all loved with merciless comedy is back !! Audience totally enjoying it !!

S Abishek: #DhillukuDhuddu2 actually makes use of the adult comedy quite effectivey. Strictly for the youth.
Story has the scope, let's see how it gets exploited
@iamsanthanam is back to his winning ways?

Ramesh Bala: #DhillukuDhuddu2 [3/5] : A good horror comedy after a long time..
1st Half is typical #Santa counter comedy..
2nd half is horror comedy..
Both work well.. Comedy aimed at the Masses..
An enjoyable ride for solid 2 hrs.. Go for it..
@iamsanthanam has a Winner!

Sidhu: #DhillukuDhuddu2: Would have loved it even more if Santa's character was explored a bit further, giving him more scenes with the ghosts as he casually trolls them. However, the two-hour runtime is an advantage!
#DhillukuDhuddu2: What works best is the combination of @iamsanthanam and Mottai Rajendran. While the former is so good at his wisecracks, the latter makes you laugh with just his reactions and body language. Baahubali troll
#DhillukuDhuddu2: Job done well. A jolly time pass horror comedy that doesn't tire you. Second half better than the first, the 30-minute climax stretch is packed with a lot of LOL moments!