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On Saturday, a 36-year-old man was found dead in Dharwad along with his 28-year-old wife and 4-year-old daughter. The Dharwad Rural Police have begun an investigation into the matter, COVID-19 fear and unemployment are being considered as the main reasons for the deaths.

The man had left a suicide note as well, which has been found by the police. While the investigation is underway another boy, a son of a COVID-19 patient died by suicide in Hubballi.

Man kills family and self over COVID-19

There is no doubt that Coronavirus as a disease has made lives difficult the world over. What we're missing as a society is an impact it is having on the mental health of the people especially one's who's just looking to sustain themselves through the pandemic.

The fear of getting the virus and then the impact of that on our lives has been severely underestimated by authorities and society alike. Due to this fear and stigma surrounding the virus, 36-year-old Mounesh took a drastic step by poisoning his wife Arpita (28) and child Sukruta (4), following which he ended his own life. 

Mounesh worked for a private company in the district, he had been very worried about losing his job in the past week and on Friday night he poisoned his family and hung himself, TOI reported.

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The Dharwad Rural Police were alerted and the family was found on Saturday morning. The bodies have been taken to the hospital for postmortem. However, a suicide note was recovered and in it, Mounesh expresses that 30 people at his unit at work had tested positive and he feared that he might lose his job and infect his family. 

Further investigation details are awaited. Such cases of suicide have been reported from different parts of the state since the pandemic began. In positive news, a 100-year-old woman Hallamma from Bellary recovered from COVID-19 and brushed it off as a common cold, she's the oldest to recover from COVID-19 in Karnataka