A hospital corridor in India.Representative image. Reuters

The same journalist later posted a video of the nurse denying attending to the patient to deliver at least basic care so that he could go elsewhere for further treatment.

In the video, a nurse is seen telling the patient that she cannot attend to the patient because it is the management's decision not to do so. She then walks inside the hospital closing the door behind her and then again opening the door and stringently telling the patient that it is not her decision but the management's decision.

'Are they really frontline warriors?': Incident sparks debate

Twitter users reacted rather angrily to the post with some saying that this happens when money is the priority over human life.

A user stated, "Are they really frontline warriors?" Another user tweeted, "Where is karma. Healthcare politics is worst in Bengaluru."

One more user reacting to the Twitter post about the incident said, "So casual said and done by the nurse! Sorry he is not required he will not spend enough money in the hospital. Indian law and courts will not take any action against that hospital. Hence the casualness and apathy."

Other Hospital negligence incidents in Bengaluru

Recently, a 50-year-old doctor died after he was denied admission by hospitals in Bengaluru. He was treating coronavirus patients.

It should be noted that Karnataka Medical Education Minister K. Sudhakar had said that criminal case will be filed against those private hospitals in Bengaluru that refuse to admit Covid-19 patients.

With coronavirus prevalent in the country, it seems that people can only think of coronavirus. The healthcare staff is not treating anyone without testing people for coronavirus. There are emergency cases that need timely intervention but every doctor seems to be paying heed to the fact that what if a patient who comes in an emergency is coronavirus positive.

The Government has to make strict guidelines for hospitals and ensure that the guidelines made are being followed too.