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Bollywood critics have praised Nagesh Kukunoor's directorial "Dhanak," which features two child artists in the lead. "Dhanak" is a road movie featuring Hetal Gadda and Krrish Chhabria.

"Dhanak" is about the journey of a girl Pari and her little brother chotu who is blind. Pari is a big fan of Shah Rukh Khan and believes that only he can help her get her brother's eyesight back before he turns nine.

Kukunoor's directorial has impressed critics with its storyline and special credit goes to Hetal and Krrish for their performances. Critics have also mentioned that the director has beautifully displayed Rajasthan in the movie.

Want to know more about the film? Read what critics have said about "Dhanak" below:

Udita Jhunjhunwala of Firstpost said: "Dhanak is a simple story told simply. It looks at the world from the children's perspective and uses the journey to do what all road movies do — symbolise a coming of age."

Kunal Guha of Mumbai Mirror said: "The film's one-dimensional storyline desperately seeks conflict but only ends up straying from uncertainties, much like Ram Gopal Varma films evade a steady camera."

Namrata Joshi of the Hindu said: "Kukunoor manages to extract great work out of the two without any touch of artificiality, effort or righteousness. No wonder their little joys-in-deprivation reach out."

Rohit Vats of Hindustan Times said: "Thanks to its use of fusion, Dhanak slowly grows on you. And, who knows, Chotu and Pari may help you in shedding that tough exterior you've been burdened with."

Asira Tarannum of Deccan Chronicle said: "Dhanak reminds us that life is beautiful and that no matter what the hardships, we should learn to see the brighter side of things."

Shubha Shetty Saha of Mid-Day said: "A lot of credit for making this film so endearing goes to the child actors' performances. While Krrish with his childlike charm steals your heart, it is Hetal who stands out with a stunningly natural performer."

Saibal Chatterjee of NDTV said: "Dhanak paints a portrait of hope in which the magic of popular Hindi cinema — Pari and Chotu are engaged in constant banter over who is more puissant, Shah Rukh or Salman — and the power of a child's unbridled imagination merge in a marvellously infectious manner."

IANS review read: "No, you really can't pluck holes in Nagesh Kukunoor's enchanting excursion into the heart of innocence and salvation. This is a heartwarming ode to the dying spirit of the human and selfless compassion."