Director Shashank Khaitan's Bollywood movie Dhadak starring Janhvi Kapoor and Ishaan Khatter and Ashutosh Rana has received mixed review and average ratings from the audience.

Dhadak is a simple, passionate story about first love and it is a remake of 2016's blockbuster Marathi film Sairat. Shashank Khaitan has worked on the script of this Hindi adaptation, which has been produced by Karan Johar, Hiroo Yash Johar and Apoorva Mehta under banner Zee Studios and Dharma Productions. It has got a U/A certificate from the censor board and its runtime is 2.18 hours.

Dhadak movie story: Set in the picturesque city of Udaipur, the movie is about Madhukar (Janhvi Kapoor) and Parthavi (Ishaan Khatter), who are college friends and fall in love with each other. They belong to different castes and their relationship lands in problem due to the stringent practice of casteism. What happens next forms an interesting part of the movie.

Analysis: Dhadak is a beautifully woven film that challenges the caste system in India. Shashank Khaitan has taken the original plot and made some minor changes to suit the taste of Hindi filmgoers. The movie has elements of a mass entertainer and it will strike a chord with young viewers, say the audience.

Performances: Janhvi Kapoor and Ishaan Khatter have tried their best to do justice to their roles and the sparkling chemistry between the two is the highlight of Dhadak. Ashutosh Rana's acting is another attraction of the film. Ankit Bisht, Shridhar Watsar, Aditya Kumar, Aishwarya Narkar and Kharaj Mukherjee have also done good jobs, say the audience.

Technical: Dhadak has rich production values. Ajay-Atul composed songs, John Stewart Eduri's background score, Vishnu Rao's beautiful picturisation, art direction and dialogues are the attractions on the technical front, add the viewers.

Dhadak review live updates: We bring you some viewers' verdict on the film shared on Twitter. Continue to see the audience's response.

Sumit kadel @SumitkadeI

#Dhakad supporting cast disappoints , direction of Shashank khaitan is decent. Film moves fast unlike sairat which had certian "Thairaav" into it. If you had not watched Sairat than ul like Dhadak more. Watch it for very promising debutants Ishaan & Jhaanvi. #Dhadak is a body of #Sairat but has its own soul. Film treatment is very different compared to Sairat, film lacks that rawness of sairat. Performances of Ishaan & Jhaanvi is good, specially Jhaanvi is a surprise package, her voice reminds of sri mam . Rating- ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Suparno Sarkar‏ @sarkar_suparno

First half #Dhadak-- #IshaanKhatter is pretty good as a new Comer.. He resembles his bro @shahidkapoor a lot.. #janhvikapoor impresses towards the end part of first half Second half #Dhadak - Both #JanhviKapoor & #IshaanKhatter shine in second half..they both pull up the emotional scenes with precision..plot is little dragged at certain points.. Verdict #Dhadak - #JanhviKapoor & #IshaanKhatter throw an impressive performance..Janhvi certainly doesnt look like debutant n Ishaan is extremely good as just 2 films old.. Interesting film with some light funny moments n heavy emotions..climax will stun u 3*/5*

Gaurav @GauravSRKLover1

Just #Watched #Dhadak #DhadakReview - unbelievable Kya film banai Hain @karanjohar Dhadkan hila Diya Puri tarha Dhadak ne. 1st half superb comedy romance good songs. 2nd half also good.. but but but. "Film ki ending unbelievable unexpected Film- 4/5 star Ishaan superb acting Janhvi brilliant.. Story - real life wali story. Eshi story Jo dard degi.. mohabbat krna agar gunha Hain. Toh mohabbat krne walo ko saja Dena bhi gunha Hain. #Dhadak I love this film. #DhadakReview Couples must watch this film.

Rohan‏ @Rohan_opinion

Loved #Dhadak the movie is simply fantastic and not your typical love story. Also splendid acting by @janhvikapoorr & @ishankhattar1

Rohit Jaiswal @rohitjswl01

#Dhadak #DhadakReview Dhadak 1st Half TERRIFIC Dhadak 2nd Half TERRIBLE Dhadak proves out to be a winner by 1st Half, but Fails Terribly in 2nd Half Film Fails to deliver a Strong bonding btwn #JanhviKapoor & #IshaanKhatter ENDING DISAPPOINTS big Time 2*/5 REMAKE WASTED Overall #Dhadak will Prove out to be a Successful film in terms of Boxoffice Considering Lesser budget nd No such Competition Wide Release wl ensure a decent lifetime Good Music nd Brilliant 1st half will bring audience too, but in Terms of Making it wl remain BELOW AVERAGE 2*/5

Prashant Pandey‏ @Tweet2Prashant

Watched #Dhadak . It's a good film but outstanding. #IshaanKhatter & #JanhviKapoor both r brilliant , I will cut some numbers in music & direction because soul missing thr. Don't even try to compare wid #sairat . Watch it as independent film. 3/5 stars . One time watch.

RO!‏ @Rohan2211

DHADAK!! So well directed , so fresh , so raw, so pure!! @ShashankKhaitan ! New comers @itsjanhvikapoor @imIshaanKhatter So promising!! Such versatile actors!! Great work! A must watch!! #DhadakReview #dhadak #JanhviKapoor #IshaanKhattar @DhadakMovie

viraj‏ @ashutoshchoudh7

#Dhadak #dhadakreview One of the best romantic movie #IshaanKhatter was just mind blowing #JhanviKapoor is also too good ../Overall amazing movie ..must watch @imIshaanKhatter @IshaanKhatterFC @JhanviKapoor_ @JhanviKapoor_ @shahidkapoorFC

Karan Lalit Butani‏ @karanlbutani

#Dhadak has a massive heart. Watch this one for the absolute honesty with which @ShashankKhaitan has adapted it. When a good story is told with honesty and has its heart at the right place, it always does magic!

chinu‏ @chinusalim

Will say it loud #Dhadak is beautifully adapted by @ShashankKhaitan ,Could have gone wrong, will be a cult like the original.And #JhanviKapoor ,ur mom would be very proud.

Gauravv K Chawla‏ @gauravvkchawla

#Dhadak - Have to admit not seen the original but oh that climax - on the edge and so well executed!! @ShashankKhaitan mega respect just for that!!! Such a wonderful debut!! #Ishaan is such a natural and #Jahnvi grows on you like anything!!

salil sand @isalilsand

The STAR of #Dhadak is @ShashankKhaitan as he has guided both #JhanviKapoor and #IshaanKhatter with great panache!! This one is a MUST WATCH!! Thank you @karanjohar for this one. #DhadakReview

Tushar Jadhav‏ @jadhav_tushar1

Shashank Khaitan adapts #Sairat wonderfully well... Retains the essence, but gives #Dhadak a different texture... Romance is fresh, pure and energetic... Tense moments keep you on tenterhooks... Culmination leaves you shocked, stunned and speechless... Ishaan is tremendous... Nails the part like a seasoned actor... Incredible talent... Janhvi springs a pleasant surprise and pitches in a confident performance... Watch out for the sequence when she confronts Ishaan in the second hour... #Dhadak Ajay-Atul's soundtrack deserves brownie points... The locales of Rajasthan and Kolkata have been captured beautifully... #Dhadak dips in the post-interval portions, has a few rough edges too, but the shocking finale makes you forget the hiccups.

Suzanna Mukherjee‏ @suzannam1

Even though I loved #sairat , #Dhadak is absolutely amazing specially after #zingaat . Ishaan's energy and jahnvi's sensitivity are the highlight of this film . Guys do watch it for these two. I don't mind nepotism when it produces actors like these . True effort . Cheers

Jay D‏ @JFilmiDhruv

Instead of watching #Dhadak this week, rewatch #Sairat on @NetflixIndia cos honesty, brutality & simplicity of a tale is far more appealing than designer, flashy & fake take of Bollywood.

Being Genius‏ @Genius_003

#Dhadak REVIEW: 1. Huge disappointment in comparison to Sairat 2. Tried to change the narrative a bit but failed 3. Jhanvi looks good but lacks acting skills 4. Ishaan Khattar acts good but lacks persona. 5. Music average 6. Direction Average. 7. Our Rating ⭐️⭐️(2.5 Stars)

Rajesh Rathore⚓‏ @rathoreraj955

#DhadakReview If u havnt watch #sairat Can go for #Dhadak Performance of kids is ok ok .. Without accepting to much can watch. Rating 2.5/5

Rahul Puri @rahulpuri

Just came out of #Dhadak. Terrific performances from the two young actors, breathtaking visuals and haunting music. The star of the show though @ShashankKhaitan and the brilliant way in which he has handled such a film. Do not miss this.

Amod Mehra @MehraAmod

The good news is that Janhvi is terrific.. the bad news is though the 1st half is engrossing but post interval its boring & predictable... #Dhadak's climax is not for the weak hearted... See it only for Janhvi..

Pallavi mukherjee @palpopdiaries

Overall #Dhadak surely is a must watch..#IshaanKhatter has nailed it...he is the wow factor..
His eyes, his expressions and his body language screams of immense talent ..the climax is goosbumps ...rest go and watch

Khushboo Siddhiwala @KSiddhiwala

#Dhadak a movie with shock... Remake of Sairat. Well performed by newbies. Simple cute project

Shivangi Thakur @thakur_shivangi

If you will not compare #Dhadak with #Sairat then its one of those indian film which indian audience wants to watch. @imIshaanKhatter is amazing.There is some different kind of shine in his eyes. @ashutoshrana10 did amazing job. #JanhviKapoor is beautiful. @ShashankKhaitan kudos.

Prakash Khetpal @pkverdicts

#Dhadak - Beats well. The city of lakes sinks you in the love story that beats raising the pulse each minute. Jhanvi Kapoor impresses and is flawless in her performance. Ishan impresses too. More in detailed Review. PK verdict: Silver Plus 3.5*s

FOLLOWING‏ @shree_Mirattum

#Dhadak-3.25/5. An Emotional Romantic Drama. Plus Points- Lead Pairs, ScreenPlay, Music, & Visuals. Minus Points- Lack Of Feel Compared to Original. An Excellent Film For The Weekend!

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